• Multi-tools can be upgraded by purchasing modules from vendors
  • New multi-tools can be bought from display kiosks
  • The Space Anomaly sells tech upgrades like new weapons and functional modules

Multi-tools are essential for interacting with the many different worlds in “No Man’s Sky.” They are the Swiss army knives of the known universe, allowing its denizens to handle a wide variety of situations so long as the multi-tool itself is properly kitted out.

Multi-tool upgrades are obtained slightly differently from the ones for exosuits. It's not terribly complicated, but players will still need to complete a few steps in order to unlock the full spectrum of aftermarket options.

How to get multi-tool upgrades

Upgrades for multi-tools come in three major forms: upgrade modules, tech unlocks and new multi-tool options.

Like starships, multi-tools come in a variety of models. They each have unique stats dictated by their overall class rating (from C-tier to S-tier). Players can purchase new multi-tool models from space stations, over by the dedicated multi-tool vendor.

Multi-tools come in a variety of shapes and sizes - No Man's Sky
Multi-tools come in a variety of shapes and sizes No Man's Sky

Each vendor only offers one new multi-tool model, so players will have to keep hopping between galaxies to find one that suits their tastes. Simply walk up to the stall and interact with whichever multi-tool is being displayed to check its stats. Equipped multi-tools can be traded in for the new one to reduce the total price.

Speaking of vendors, they also sell Upgrade Modules in exchange for Nanites. Module quality also depends on its class rating, with S-tier upgrades giving more benefits than C-tier ones.

These modules affect almost every aspect of the multi-tool, from mining speed to maximum heat capacity and dispersion speed. Other multi-tool modules such as the Analysis Visor and the weapon add-ons have their own separate upgrade modules, all of which are sold by vendors.

Where to find multi-tool weapons

The Space Anomaly’s dedicated multi-tool vendor has a research station where players can unlock the various weapon blueprints and other multi-tool upgrades. Additionally, the vendor has an extra multi-tool for sale.

Weapons like the Blaze Javelin and Geology Cannon must be crafted and installed onto a vacant multi-tool inventory slot before they can be used. The same goes with any of the Upgrade Modules sold by vendors.

High-tier multi-tools tend to have more inventory slots, although they are rarer and more expensive than their more common counterparts.