When Hello Games launched the Foundation Update for No Man’s Sky on Thanksgiving weekend last year, many players were impressed with how the developer is handling the growth of the space exploration, action-adventure video game. At the time, the developer stated that version 1.1 was named as such, for it will serve as the “foundation for things to come.”

Fast forward to today and here we are again with a new major update that’s just as promising as the first one. The Path Finder Update is now live, and Hello Games wasn’t kidding when it said this will bring significant changes to how “No Man’s Sky” works and how gamers play the game.

Aside from rolling out the new Path Finder Update to players, the developer also detailed in an almost 4-minute video the tweaks and changes that will greet players once they have installed this update. As previously leaked, the second major post-launch update comes with new ground vehicles and custom-built races players can participate in.

It also comes with PS4 Pro support, photo mode and Permadeath mode, which basically means the game ends once the player has met its demise. The rest of the changes are nuts-and-bolts upgrades and improvements to existing feature of the game.

On “No Man’s Sky’s” official website, there is now a page that contains an in-depth explanation of version 1.2. “The Path Finder Update introduces planetary vehicles, base sharing, PS4 Pro support, ship/weapon specialization, permadeath mode, and much more. It shows the path to the future,” the introduction to the update reads. This is then followed by details on the following changes:

  • Visual Updates
  • Online Base Sharing
  • Multiple Ships
  • Starship Specializations
  • PlayStation 4 Pro Support
  • New Vehicles - Exocraft
  • Exocraft Races
  • New Shops and Trades
  • Base Building Customization Options
  • Multi-Tool Specialization and Classes
  • New Weapon Modes
  • Permadeath Mode
  • Photo Mode
  • Discovery Menu Improvements
  • Return of 65Daysofstatic Music
  • Quality of Life Improvements

Check out the video below to learn more about “No Man’s Sky” – The Path Finder Update.