No Man’s Sky was updated to version 1.23 last Friday, and the patch offers massive performance gains on PS4 Pro. According to a recent analysis from DigitalFoundry, it’s the best way to play the game on console.

With regard to performance there are two major changes to make note of. First, the code has been optimized for a smoother experience when playing in 4K. In contrast to the previous patch, you’re getting close to five more frames at an unlocked framerate with the highest resolution. If you manually switch your display resolution to 1080p instead, you’ll get closer to an optimal 60 fps target with almost no dips whatsoever.

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The true revolution for those who don’t want to drop any pixels is the new 30 fps cap. If 4K-30 is more your style, enabling that option delivers just as well. Update 1.23 essentially offers gamers the choice between resolution and frames, and both run with top stability. As a player, you couldn’t ask for much more than that.

Just for kicks, DigitalFoundry even took the time to uncap the 30 fps lock on the standard PS4. As you’d expect, that’s not the way anyone should be playing this game. The PS4 Pro’s higher specs make an uncapped option more viable, but even then you’re better off dropping the framerate or resolution to get the consistent results most important to you.

Regardless of how you choose to play, it behooves us to recall the days following No Man’s Sky’s launch. PS4 and PC players both struggled with significant crashes and framerate dips. Hello Games promised to eradicate these issues, and update 1.23 proves that mission’s been accomplished in a big way. The fact that a 4K-like mode runs smoothly on the same base code is a tremendous achievement for a small team that was previously lambasted for its broken promises.

No Man’s Sky is available now on PS4 and PC. Check out our Exocraft and racing guide if you’re having trouble with the Path Finder Update’s new features.
What do you think of No Man’s Sky after playing update 1.23? Has Hello Games finally delivered spotless performance? Tell us in the comments section!