'No Man's Sky' Roamer
'No Man's Sky' now has Exocraft vehicles, and this one is called the Roamer. It's a basic dune buggy with a few noteworthy upgrades. The 'No Man's Sky' Path Finder Update is available now on PS4 and PC. Hello Games

No Man’s Sky introduced Exocraft vehicles and the ability to design races in its Path Finder Update, and we want to guide you through the new features. Assuming you’ve already built a base and know the basics of that system, here’s how everything works.


The first thing you need to do is enter your base, scroll up to the Specialist Terminal crafting menu and select the Exocraft Terminal. After it’s been placed, you’ll be prompted with a message that says you need a technician to operate it. To find a technician, get in your ship and fly to the nearest space station. In its main congregation area where the NPCs usually are, you’ll notice that one of them is a technician. If there’s no technician, keep searching until you find one.

Talk to the alien lifeform and accept the services it offers. Once you’re back at your base, talk to the technician again and it will offer you a blueprint with these crafting requirements.

'No Man's Sky' Roamer Crafting
In order to craft an Exocraft vehicle, you must build its Geobay first. Here are all the supplies you need. Hello Games
  • 200 Heridium: Often found in caves and planet terrain. It should be easy to find.
  • 2 Voltaic Cells: Crafted with a blueprint for 50 Antrium each. Look for Antrium in the glowing plants often found in caves.
  • 1 Dynamic Resonator: Crafted using two Antimatter, 100 Chrysonite and four Microdensity Fabric.

In an infinite universe it’s hard to tell you where you should precisely look for these supplies, but skilled players might already have them stockpiled in storage containers.


After you get the supplies for the Exocraft Terminal blueprint, speak to your technician to confirm. Then, once you exit your base, you should be able to open up to the Exocraft menu. There are three Geobays available for the Nomad, Roamer and Colossus. All three require the same building supplies as the above blueprint.

Roamer: A traditional dune buggy that can be upgraded with a Signal Booster, Mining Laser, Acceleration Module and a Mounted Cannon.

Nomad: A bit like the roamer but more suited for travel over water. It can be upgraded with a Signal Booster, Mining Laser and a Mounted Cannon. It’s lighter, but it has far fewer inventory slots.

Colossus: It’s essentially the same as the other two in terms of upgrades, but it has lots of inventory space if you’re hoping to go on a larger mining voyage on your home planet.


'No Man's Sky' Race Terminal
The Race Terminal is where you can start races and edit tracks in the new Path Finder Update for 'No Man's Sky.' Hello Games

To make a time-trial racetrack, open the Exocraft menu near your base and build the Race Initiator with 200 Heridium, two Voltaic Cells and 10 Non-ferrous plates. It needs to be placed right next to your base.

On your initiator, interact with the small Racetrack Terminal and select Edit Track. Now you’ll enter a vehicle and can press buttons to drop checkpoints where you want them. Checkpoints don’t cost any resources. Once you connect back to the initiator, you can interact with the Racetrack Terminal again and start the race.

While the odds are somewhat slim, you might come across another player’s base on PS4 to experiment with the time trials others have made. On PC it’s a bit easier because Steam Workshop features allow you to download an entire base into your game. Any user-created tracks should come with it.

No Man’s Sky is available now on PS4 and PC.

What do you think of the Path Finder Update so far? Do these Exocraft vehicles make the game better? Tell us in the comments section!