• Weapons can be installed in Multi-Tool as modifications
  • Secondary weapons can also be installed in Multi-Tool
  • Different weapons use different ammunition types 

As its name implies, the Multi-Tool packs several useful gadgets that are crucial to surviving the many worlds in “No Man’s Sky.” Such gadgets include self-defense weapons that can be used to protect against hostile sentinels and wild predators.

The starting Multi-Tool is fitted with a mining laser that can be handy as a weapon in a pinch. However, dedicated weaponry can make fending off attackers much easier and more efficient, helping players conserve precious resources.

Such weapons and their upgrades can be crafted by spending resources players find in the world, but only if they have the appropriate blueprints.

Blueprints can be found scattered across the galaxy. There is no sure-fire way to find specific blueprints, but here are a few ways to hunt for them:

  • Explore planets
  • Search shipwrecks, containers and facilities
  • Purchase from Tech Merchants
  • Buy from the Synthesis Laboratory at the Space Anomaly
  • Complete missions
  • Talk to Korvax NPCs

Completing the tutorial and either the Atlas or Artemis paths is highly recommended since they will take players to a wide variety of locations across the local star system.

While the nature of blueprint spawns is completely random, systematically completing objectives while exploring is the most efficient use of one’s time. This will also reward players with blueprints for other upgrades for their ships, exo-suits and other tools.

The starting Multi-Tool in No Man's Sky fitted with a Boltcaster upgrade
The starting Multi-Tool in No Man's Sky fitted with a Boltcaster upgrade No Man's Sky

One exception to the blueprint rule is the Boltcaster since all players start with the knowledge to craft one as soon as they start the game. It serves as a standard-issue projectile weapon that’s great against most targets, including locked doors inside facilities. Unlike the mining laser, this weapon uses Projectile Ammunition.

Only one weapon type can be equipped at a time, but players can slot in a secondary weapon to their Multi-Tool. Essentially, secondary weapons act as special fire modes that fill in more specific purposes. The Combat Scope, for example, reduces recoil and enhances zoom, while the Geology Cannon acts as a grenade launcher that destroys enemies and terrain alike.

Be sure to visit merchants on space stations regularly because they may have specific weapon blueprints or components that other station merchants don’t have.