"No Man’s Sky" director Sean Murray has recently agreed to talk about the title after years of radio silence about the game’s development. The title has long been lauded as one of the biggest failures of 2016, but the developers have slowly recovered and make the game better as promised. Here’s how “No Man’s Sky” won back the hearts of fans.

According to Kotaku’s interview with Murray, the director has been reluctant to talk about "No Man’s Sky" publicly and take interviews about their progress for fear of “overhyping” the game once more.

Before its release, Murray and Sony were busy promoting the game publicly, and the director was often invited to many interviews, including an appearance on national television with Stephen Colbert.

While many gamers and viewers were left astounded with the world that “No Man’s Sky” presented, the release of the game ended in disaster as many fans caused an uproar due to the game’s content. Most of the promised content in the talks and interviews weren’t found in the game or were executed poorly.

The game’s start was also burdened with Sony leaving them on their own to recover from the issue. While most developers often let bad games to hang dry for fans, Hello Games continued to develop "No Man's Sky" instead.

Murray said he only took up the interview this time as he felt confident that they’ve already released some good content. But he also kept an air of humility in their work.

All of the game’s updates, namely Foundation, Pathfinder, Atlas Rises and NEXT, were all good updates that each turned public opinion about the game to a more positive note.  As seen on Steam, the game’s overall reviews stayed at mixed, while its recent reviews are now mostly positive.

The latest update, “No Man’s Sky Beyond,” is due to drop in the summer of 2019. It is expected to show an improved multiplayer experience with “No Man’s Sky Online.”

As Murray puts it, the multiplayer update is not intended to turn the game into a fully-fledged MMO but serves as an improvement to the game.

More updates are also expected to be discussed in the coming weeks, according to the official site.