The merriest time of year is finally here on Hallmark Channel, starting with the premiere of the first new film of the 2022 Countdown to Christmas event--"Noel Next Door." The film, which stars Natalie Hall and Corey Sevier, premieres Friday night.

Hallmark is certainly getting this year's event off to a strong start with the film, which allows its two stars to reunite after they previously starred in this year's film "Road Trip Romance" together, but also because it is letting fans once again see two of the network's most up-and-coming stars, who are familiar but have yet to become the shiniest stars on the network's Christmas tree.

Sevier's Hallmark credits have included "Pumpkin Everything" and "Heart of the Holidays" on Hallmark Channel, as well as "Northern Lights of Christmas" on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries. In recent years he has also starred in multiple Lifetime Christmas movies as well, including "It Takes A Christmas Village," "Matchmaker Christmas," "Grounded for Christmas" and "Four Christmases and a Wedding."

As for Hall, her Hallmark credits in recent years have included "A Winter Princess," "You're Bacon Me Crazy," "Fit for a Prince," and "Fly Away With Me." Fans may also recognize her from her film "A Very Charming Christmas Town" on Lifetime, as well as "Midnight at the Magnolia" on Netflix.

Callum Shoniker ("Toying With the Holidays") also stars.

So what can fans expect to unwrap with this first new Hallmark Christmas film? Let's find out.

"When single mom Noelle (Hall) learns that her son, Henry (Shoniker), has been scolded by a grumpy neighbor, she jumps to her son's defense. The only issue is that mean Mr. Geir (Sevier) of unit 224 is actually Jeremy, the misunderstood 'scrooge' of the neighborhood," a synopsis reads. "When Noelle unknowingly serves her handsome neighbor at the diner where she works, there is an immediate spark between them. Still, Jeremy doubts her attraction. How could a woman as beautiful as Noelle find him attractive?"

Chance run-ins continue to happen, but doubts continue to leave them in a place of uncertainty.

"When the neighbors next run into each other at the pharmacy their chemistry is palpable, but Jeremy can't summon the courage to ask her out, certain she will make an excuse," the synopsis continues. "Noelle leaves feeling uncertain and saddened by their last interaction."

However, when caution is finally pushed to the side, both find that their holidays are going to be just a bit brighter as a result.

"All opportunity seems lost until Noelle once again runs into Jeremy, but this time he is playing soccer with her son henry and they both realize the chemistry they've been avoiding deserves their full attention, bringing them together for the holidays," the synopsis concludes.

"Noel Next Door" airs Friday, Oct. 21 at 8 p.m. EDT on Hallmark Channel.

Noel Next Door
Corey Sevier and Natalie Hall star in “Noel Next Door.” Hallmark Media/ Petr Maur