Nokia Ozo
The Nokia Ozo will be available to preorder in China next month. JOSEP LAGO/AFP/Getty Images

Nokia’s Ozo, the company’s own virtual reality camera, was launched last year with a $60,000 price tag in the United States. With the camera launching in China soon, the Swedish company has slashed $15,000 off of OZO’s price tag, according to Slash Gear.

The Nokia Ozo will now sell in the U.S. for $45,000, in Europe for 40,000 EUR and in China for 299,000 RMB. Although the camera is cheaper now than it was once, it is still incredibly expensive and not a lot of people can afford it.

The price cut may have been Nokia’s way of generating hype as it prepares to launch the Ozo in China. The device is scheduled to be available for pre-orders next month in China and will be shipped sometime in October. Nokia has already partnered with Chinese online video company LeEco to deliver Ozo content through LeVR, according to TechCrunch.

“Concurrent to our China launch, we are announcing global pricing that will help establish OZO in the region and drive penetration globally. We are making an aggressive move to advance the Virtual Reality business and to enable more professional creators to make VR content,” Nokia’s head of presence capture Guido Voltolina said in a blog post.

The Nokia Ozo is intended for professional content creators. It is able to capture 360-degree video content and 360x360 surround sound to deliver the most immersive virtual reality experience possible. Nokia’s goal is to deliver a standard on how to make professional virtual reality content.

In order to achieve that goal, Nokia will also be releasing software specifically made for editing and distributing Ozo content. The first is Ozo Live, a platform where users will be able to stream 3D 360-degree videos using virtual headsets. The other is the Ozo Player SDK, a video editing software to help creators stitch together 360-degree videos.