The Lumia 800 is a truly breathtaking smartphone that lives up to all the unique standards expected of Nokia.

Although the proud owners of the spectacularly sleek device may have made peace with Lumia 800's irremovable and irreplaceable battery, many noticed that using the smartphone to its fullest capacity drained out the battery life pretty quickly.

Since the smartphone's launch, battery issues were a concern for many users. In the light of these concerns, Nokia's UK Web site has provided quite a number of tips to conserve battery life while allowing use of the Lumia 800. Check out the tips below on how to prolong battery use on your new device.  

Those looking to make use of the device without having to compromise much on battery power can try these top ten tips.

Use a dark theme Darker themes require less power to display. Go to Settings>System>Theme and choose the Background to dark. Likewise you can conserve even more power by lowering the brightness level. Click on Brightness in the Systems menu and then select Turn Auto Adjust Off to set level to Low.

Use Battery Saver By turning on the Battery Saver mode in the Settings menu, you will no longer receive email, calendar updates. Live Tiles and certain apps will no longer run or get updated either.

Camera Exit and shutdown the camera application by using the back button instead of the Windows button.

Turn off Wi-Fi network /3G Scanning constantly for Wi-Fi connections places adds strain to the Lumia 800 battery. Likewise, when the device runs on 3G. Go to the Settings menu to turn off 3G and any Wi-Fi connections. If you want to connect to the Internet, try a Wi-Fi rather than a GPRS or 3G connection to minimize battery power.

Reduce email synch frequency Checking emails as frequently as 15 minutes tends to drain out precious battery life. Try setting your phone to an hourly or even a manual basis. Go to Settings>System>Email+Accounts, choose your email account and set the Download New Content.

Turn off Vibrate The vibration mode really eats a large chunk of the battery. So, unless you truly need it, go into Settings>Ringtones+Sounds and change Vibrate to Off.

Switch to flight mode overnight Once your Lumia 800 is switched to flight mode, there won't be any network connections. Your alarm clock will ring though as your phone is switched on even on that mode.

Close unused programs It's always best to close down apps running in the background when not required as this takes a toll on the battery. To save more battery, press the back key instead of the Windows key to close the app.

Turn off location Your Lumia 800 is constantly looking up your location to feed in a number of apps on the phone. To save battery power, go to Settings>Location and change the setting to off when location services are not required.

Turn off Xbox Live Your Lumia 800 frequently uploads game scores through the Xbox Live app. This too eats up power. Select Xbox LIVE > Settings and then flip the Connect with Xbox LIVE off.