If you have an unused computer and you want it to make money for you while it takes up room in your house or office, here is an idea.

A new software called MQL5 Cloud Network, launched recently by MetaQuotes Software Corp, will enable you to rent out the computer without physically taking it out.

MQL5 Cloud Network will help people with an unused computer rent its spare resources to those who need it. The powers of such a system could be used by developers of automated trading systems (trading robots) or researchers who might need large amounts of computation. The owner of the leased computer will receive fees for providing the resources, MetaQuotes said.

The company hopes to make its own cloud computing available to programmers and researches with the new software.

Initially, we wanted to provide additional computing resources to developers, said Renat Fatkhullin, CEO of MetaQuotes Software Corp. However, over time, we realized that we had organized quite a powerful computational tool with virtually unlimited scalability. Especially for this service, we have developed a new site with a billing system, and now anyone can use the vast computing capabilities of our network to solve absolutely any problems.

The company says all programs for the MQL5 Cloud Network are created in the specialized trading strategy development language called MetaQuotes Language 5 (MQL5). Since this language is very similar to C++ in terms of syntax and performance, anyone with experience in C++ development can quickly write a program in MQL5 and get more processing resources of the MQL5 Cloud Network.

One needs to register at cloud.mql5.com to become a member of the MQL5 Cloud Network and receive fees from the rental of the computer's resources.

By launching the MQL5 Cloud Network, we want to help developers of trading robots, other software developers and researchers. We hope that the computing power of our network will be of great assistance to them in solving their tasks, said Fatkhullin.

For more information, visit www.metaquotes.net