Palmer Luckey, the 24-year-old co-founder of Oculus VR and creator of Oculus Rift, is using his considerable wealth to back Donald Trump. Luckey, whose net worth is estimated at roughly $700 million, told the Daily Beast that he is funding “Nimble America” — a pro-Trump group dedicated to “shitposting” and creating viral anti-Hillary Clinton memes.

Shitposting refers to the practice of trying to derail a meaningful conversation on any online platform by posting irrelevant, meaningless, and often offensive comments, memes or pictures.

In a recent post on the subreddit r/The_Donald, Nimble America said that it had proven that “shitposting is powerful and meme magic is real” and that it wanted to bring shitposting in real life “in a way that was transparent and had purpose.”

The group has also taken credit for a billboard allegedly posted near Pittsburgh, showing an enlarged image of Clinton’s face next to the words, “Too Big to Jail.”

“We believe that America has been lead by poor leaders who have abandoned American principles and sold out all Americans. With the right leadership America will reverse its course towards mediocrity and globalism, becoming great again,” the group, which describes itself as a “social welfare 501(c)4 non-profit,” wrote.

“I came into touch with them over Facebook,” Luckey, who runs a Reddit account under the pseudonym “NimbleRichMan,” told the Daily Beast. “It went along the lines of ‘hey, I have a bunch of money. I would love to see more of this stuff.’ They wanted to build buzz and do fundraising.”

“It’s something that no campaign is going to run,” Luckey added.

In an announcement post on a Reddit AMA, Luckey — who sold his VR company to Facebook for $2 billion in 2014 — attempted to rally support for Trump, calling Clinton “corrupt, a warmonger, [and] a freedom-stripper.”

“I have supported Donald's presidential ambitions for years. I encouraged him to run in the last election, but the overwhelming power, resources, and institutional advantages available to a sitting President made it almost impossible,” Luckey wrote. “If we allow the Clinton Dynasty to continue, the situation will be repeated.”