Ahead of the release of the Oculus Touch controllers next week, Oculus VR has already leaked the full list of launch titles that are also arriving on Tuesday, Dec. 6. Excited fans will surely be glad to know that the new controllers will arrive with support for 53 launch titles.

This week, Palmer Luckey and Brendan Iribe’s company officially revealed the made-for-VR titles that are launching alongside the Oculus Touch. “We’re excited to announce 53 made-for-VR titles that bring the magic of hand presence to life—coming to Touch on day one. We’re constantly amazed by the work from the VR developer community, and this stellar lineup shows how far the medium has come and where we’re headed next,” Oculus VR wrote on the Oculus Blog.

Based on the list, some of the launch titles that are launching next week are “Fruit Ninja VR,” “NBA 2KVR Experience,” “Space Pirate Trainer,” “Surgeon Simulator: Experience Reality,” “Ocean Rift,” “I Expect You To Die,” “PLANNES,” “The Unspoken,” “Superhot VR,” “ZR: Zombie Riot,” “theBlue” and “Arizona Sunshine.”

“Bigscreen Beta,” “Cosmic Trip,” “Dead and Buried,” “Fly to KUMA MAKER,” “Gary the Gull,” “Quar:Battle for Gate 18,” “Rec Room,” “Rescuties VR,” “Fantastic Contraption,” “Pulsar Arena,” “Galaxy Golf,” “Quill by Story Studio (beta),” “Grav/Lab: Gravitational Testing Facility & Observations,” “Sports Bar VR,” “Windlands” and “Toybox” are also part of the lineup.

Other games in the list are “Viral EX,” “Carnival Games VR,” “The Climb,” “DEXED,” “CRANGA!: Harbor Frenzy,” “Enigma Sphere,” “Holoball,” “Dead Hungry,” “Final Approach,” “Music Inside,” “Job Simulator,” “Home Improvisation: Furniture Sandbox,” “Medium,” “Oculus First Contact” and “Pierhead Arcade.”

Completing the lineup are the following launch titles: “Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope,” “Ripcoil,” “Pro Fishing Challenge VR,” “Please, Don’t Touch Anything,” “Proton Pulse Plus,” “Kingspray,” “Super Kaiju,” “Dig 4 Destruction” and “The Gallery Episode 1: Call of the Starseed.”

As per TechCrunch, Oculus VR ensured that consumers will have a lot of titles to choose from given the new input technology the controllers have. The company also decided to include Insomniac Games’s “The Unspoken” and Sanzaru Games’s “VR Sports Challenge” to all preordered controllers as free bundled titles.

On the other hand, players who are buying the Oculus Touch at launch will get copies of “Quill,” “Medium” and “Dead & Buried.” Meanwhile, “Toybox” will be free to download from the Oculus Store starting Dec. 6. Engadget has also learned that Oculus is planning to add more titles to the mix come 2017. The company has confirmed that it is releasing “Robo Recall,” “Arkitka.1” and “Giant Copy: Justice Above” next year.