• Sony officially unveiled the PS5 a few months ago
  • Until now, the company maintains the Holiday 2020 release window of the console
  • A new report claims that a series of PS5 accessories listings may have given away the exact arrival date of the PS5

An official PS5 listing went live a few hours ago, suggesting that Sony’s next-generation gaming console would arrive on November 20, 2020. Sony has not yet announced the specific release date of the PS5. Until now, the Japanese gaming giant maintains the Holiday 2020 release window of the console.

The latest hint on the possible release date of the PS5 comes from Gizmodo Japan. It recently reported that the charging stand of the PS5 controller is now listed on Amazon Japan. The said PS5 accessory has a November 20 release date, the report revealed.

Apart from the PS5 controller’s charging stand two other PS5 accessories are listed on the website with a similar release date. These listings further fan to the November 20 PS5 release date. Amazon UK also lists the wall mount accessory for the PS5 created by Floating Grip with a November 19 release date.

PlayStation 5 console Sony released this picture on June 11 of its upcoming PlayStation 5 console, without revealing pricing or a launch date. Photo: Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.

Sony has not yet announced the specific release date of the PS5. It is worth mentioning that dates November 19 and 20 may seem the most likely arrival of Sony’s next-gen gaming console, but these are not official information. Meanwhile, several industry insiders and fans are claiming that Sony might not release the PS5 simultaneously.

The basis of this claim is founded on a recent announcement trailer released for “Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.” The now edited trailer originally said that the PS5 version of the game would arrive first in the US and Canada and later in other parts of the world. The same announcement can still be seen in the official site of the upcoming shooter game from Activision.

Another basis for the advanced release of the PS5 in some regions is from a recent change in the official website of the PS5 in the UK. Originally listing the PS5’s arrival on Holiday 2020, the site now lists it as late 2020. The official PS5 site in the US maintains the Holiday 2020 release window of the console though.

Sony recently launched the PS5 Direct pre-order initiative that ensures PlayStation fans could reserve a unit of the gaming system.