• Sony has not yet announced the price and release date of the PS5
  • A recently spotted Sony document is currently causing speculations among fans
  • The official document is reportedly hinting that sony is working on PS5 Pro

A recently discovered official Sony Interactive Entertainment document seemingly hints at PS5 Pro. The Japanese gaming console maker has not yet revealed the price and specific release date of the upcoming PS5 console. While fans are waiting for the highly-anticipated announcement to happen this month, this document offers the possibility of a more powerful gaming console arriving in the future.

PS5 Pro Specs Details?

Speculations that Sony Interactive Entertainment is working on PS5 Pro is one of the favorite subjects among fans. As early as 2018, fans have been discussing the possibility that Sony could release a PS5 Pro console several years after the release of the PS5. With a newly discovered patent filed by the Japanese gaming giant, talks about the arrival of the PS5 Pro are once again widespread.

Sony filed a patent for new hardware at the USPTO with the full  copy available on Free Patents Online. It was published on July 30, 2020 and titled “Scalable Game Console CPU/GPU Design For home Console And Cloud Gaming.” Based on the specifications stated on the patent, the hardware could be used for a "high-end" console vis-à-vis a light system.

Other Details

The high-end system could house more memory and, with the help of cloud technology, could optimize games. Terms like high-end version and light are some of the basis for fans’ claim that PS5 Pro could arrive soon. However, PlayStation Lifestyle noted that while they are not "inherently wrong," they missed the bigger picture.

The report claimed that the patent's concept is the scalability of the GPU with plural System on a chip being able to create what is referred to as a high-end version of a console with far greater storage and processing capability. The patent is not necessarily talking about a new console but the capacity to scale up an existing system with another GPU instead of a single one, the report explained. While it would be exciting to learn that Sony is working to release a PS5 Pro in the future, fans should temper their expectations.

Like all other tech giants, Sony has a habit of filing patents, but most do not see production. If the company is working on PS5 Pro, expect to see more leaks coming out soon.