In a murder-suicide incident in Oklahoma, a father killed his two teenage daughters before shooting himself.

According to the Sand Springs Police Department, the two teenagers and their father were found dead when officers arrived at the scene Tuesday afternoon for a welfare check, NBC-affiliated KJRH reported. The police said they reached the house after the mother of the teenagers received a call from her husband who said he would kill his daughters and then himself. The woman had then quickly informed the police.

The police attempted to make several efforts to contact the husband and the girls. But no one answered the phone or responded to the door. The mother then reached the spot with the house keys, using which the police entered the home and found the three bodies. 

Authorities said a gun was used in the murder-suicide. The mother told the police she and her husband were having marital issues.

This incident took place just 10 days after a triple murder-suicide in a nearby area. Raising awareness about such issues which lead to crimes, the police issued a warning. 

“If you have issues in your family, or you know of people who have issues in their family unit, say something, don’t just hide it," Capt. Todd Enzbrenner with the Sand Springs Police Department said, KJRH news reported. "Check on your friends. Check on your neighbors. Don’t let it get to this point.”

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation is working on the case. 

Sands Springs Police Chief Mike Carter released a statement on Facebook:

Today our officers are dealing with another scene of senseless violence against innocent people. This is so out of place for our community, that we are all trying to understand why. I ask that if you are in a situation in which you feel hopeless, angry or out of control, please call us and let us help you. If you live with someone who needs help, or you need to leave to get to a safe place, please call and let us help. If you do not want the involvement of the police, please call 211 and ask for help.
I ask that EVERYONE make a point to be a little more kind to our fellow man, be a little less quick to anger and quicker to show empathy and humanity.
I ask for your thoughts and prayers for the victims, their families, their friends and our community. Thank you Sand Springs, we will get through this together, but only together.

Chief Mike Carter

crime scene Representational image Photo: Getty Images/Jonathan Alcorn