This year's BlizzCon turned out to be a huge success particularly because Blizzard finally announced “Diablo IV.” The big reveal came as a big break for the company since “Diablo Immortal” didn't really put them on the plate and left fans hanging for a legitimate “Diablo” game.

But then again, Blizzard has yet to reveal the nitty gritty details of “Diablo IV.” Notwithstanding the awesome trailer that featured Lilith as the final boss and the exposure of the first three main characters, something was still missing.

Reddit user Gorelight posted a major leak back in July about what fans could expect in “Diablo IV.” Of course, it was declared by most “as pure speculation”just like any other rumor. But little did they know that most of it were undoubtedly present in what Blizzard presented to its fans.

Diablo IV - Diablo IV was officially announced during BlizzCon 2019.
Diablo IV - Diablo IV was officially announced during BlizzCon 2019. Blizzard Entertainment

As stated by Notebook Check, the Redditor was probably a Blizzard employee and was among the first to see the development of the game from the ground up. Again, some of the things that he pointed were spot on, while some have yet to be confirmed or seen in the preview.

For the most part, Gorelight said that “Diablo IV” will use a “new sophisticated Engine” that will make the game stand out from its predecessor in terms of gameplay, functionalities and visual design. In addition, the music will take on the legacy of the first two “Diablo” titles, and old school fans will “feel very familiar” despite it having a unique twist.

Blizzard also treated “Diablo IV” as a reboot of the franchise. He further described it to be a combination of a “Diablo II” remake and a brand-new “Diablo” game. The former was planned, he said, but Blizzard decided to give the franchise a complete reset and gathered what fans have been requesting into one giant package.

The game's trailer saw the Barbarian, Druid and Sorcerer as the first three classes, but he also claimed that the Paladin and the Amazon will be making their return to the game after being absent in “Diablo III.” This is because Blizzard wanted people to feel that they're playing “Diablo II” all over again, but in a completely new era.

The Kunai Cube, wardrobe loadouts, seasonal journeys and Rifts found in “Diablo III” will likewise be present in the new installation.

For what his post was worth, Gorelight pointed that Blizzard had learned a lot from the mistakes and lessons that they had accumulated over the course of “Diablo III” and applied it to “Diablo IV.” Depending on how things go, Blizzard is planning to officially release the game between late 2020 or early 2021 for the PlayStation 5 and Project Scarlett.