Once Upon a Time cast and producers took to Ballroom 20 today at Comic-Con to reveal some MAJOR season two spoilers. Gracing Comic-Con was Prince Charming himself, Josh Dallas, Snow White's Ginnifer Goodwin, Emma's Jennifer Morrison, Evil Queen Lana Parrilla, Red Riding Hood's Meghan Ory, Belle's Emilie de Ravin and co-creators Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz. Do you know what magic lies ahead for season two?

A New Hook

We know, we know, you are just absolutely 'hooked' on this show. One more reason to get hooked to ABC's Once Upon a Time is Storybrooke's newest fairy tale character arrival...Captain Hook!

In an intense new clip released for Comic-Con fans, Mr. Gold's pawnshop is once again getting broken into. Like many times before, the person breaking in is looking for something that once belonged to them. While we don't see a face in the little over a minute clip, we do see that the item he is searching for is a hook...and it fits perfectly where his hand should be.

Mystery Identities

When a character is introduced on Once Upon a Time, we usually find out their identity by the end of the episode (if it isn't obvious). In the case of Dr. Whale (David Anders), we went a whole season without discovering his identity...and we haven't got a clue! The mystery will only kill you for a couple more months, as the panel stated that viewers will find out who Dr. Whale really is in the fairy tale world.

Another mystery figure on the series? Henry's father. While his identity has been barely hinted at, the Comic-Con panel did reveal that Emma, his birth mom, does know who her baby daddy is. With Henry collapsing in the season one finale after eating a poison apple, we are bound to be introduced to Henry's father sooner in the new season rather than later.

Where's Bae?

Little by little we discovered more about Mr. Gold past. Once Upon a Time will dive a little deeper when we finally discover what happened to his son, Bae. We're completely throwing this out there but...is there a connection between Bae, Emma and Henry?

Do You Know 'Jack' About Once Upon a Time?

Storybrooke is a very populated town. Mulan, Sleeping Beauty and Captain Hook have all been revealed to be inhabiting the town, but Once Upon a Time will also have another addition - Jack of the Jack and the Beanstalk story!

True Blood invasion

Last season Kristin Bauer van Straten, or Pam of True Blood, guest starred as Maleficent, the evil witch associated with Sleeping Beauty. With Sleeping Beauty coming to town this season we assumed that Bauer van Straten would be returning, but now it has been confirmed!

What part of season two are you excited for?