Dying to find out what will be happening to Storybrooke and its residents in season two of "Once Upon A Time?" ABC has been nice enough to publish some photos from the first episode to hold fans over until the season premiere!

Season one of the hit ABC fairytale series ended with Emma saving her son Henry and breaking the curse that the evil Queen Regina placed on the residents of Storybrooke. As lost memories of loved ones returned, another memory surfaced for the fairytale characters...the memory of the spell the Queen cast. This season Regina will be facing the backlash of her spell as those she cursed confront her.

The newly released photos show just how angry the townspeople are...but one person in the crowd doesn't appear to be too upset with the Queen. While Emma, Snow White and Prince Charming stand in a mob ready to pounce, Dr. Whale seems to be standing on Queen Regina's side. Dr. Whale's loyalty has many questioning what fairytale character he is. Some characters have been easy to decipher on the show, while others have been revealed over time, but nothing has been said about the identity of Dr. Whale. Judging by some of the photos, fans will soon find out the mysterious identity of Storybrooke's doctor.

More photos from the season two premiere appear to show Regina attempting some magic. While last season Mr. Gold/ Rumpelstiltskin released magic upon the town in the form of a big purple cloud of smoke, Regina doesn't seem to have gained any of that magic. A new photo shows her looking at her hands expectantly, but with no results.

Meanwhile even more stills show that Dr. Whale may not be the only ally that Regina has. In front of Regina's house and presumably addressing the angry mob, Snow White and Prince Charming stand on either side of the Evil Queen. Are they protecting her and fighting for her case? Or are they ready to charge at her with pitch forks and fire like everyone else?

Season two of "Once Upon A Time" premieres on Sunday, Sept. 30.

Check out some photos below and sound off on what you think is happening in them!

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