"Once Upon A Time"

A little over a month remains before the fairytales return to life on Sept. 30 in ABC's "Once Upon A Time." You don't have to wait until Storybrooke reopens its doors to find out what's in store for your favorite characters though. We've got some scoop on the upcoming second season.

According to TVLine.com, Mary Margaret and Emma are going to be getting a lot of mother-daughter bonding time this season, and new posters prove it! Five new posters have been released on "Once Upon A Time's" Facebook page, and it looks like the evil queen is going to be the one bringing them together.

One particular poster reveals three frames with the phrase "Magic is coming" in each one. Each frame pictures a different character from "Once Upon A Time," Mary Margaret/Snow White, Emma, and Regina/the evil queen. Each character holds a single red apple (presumably a poisonous one) in their hands. Taking into consideration the drama that went down in the season one finale, Emma is finally starting to realize that Henry might have been right about Storybrooke being full of fairy tale characters. After Henry eats a poisoned piece of apple pie from Regina, it appears that Emma will go into full momma bear mode and probably enlist the help of her own mother, Mary Margaret/ Snow White.

TVLine teases that something besides Henry might bring Emma and Mary Margaret together. "Think 'Lost,'" says the "Once Upon A Time" spoiler. Besides the writers of "Once Upon A Time" previously working on "Lost," three actors from the former series have landed roles on the show. Last season Alan Dale, who played Charles Whitmore on "Lost," portrayed King George, father of Prince Charming. Emilie de Ravin (who played Claire on "Lost") had a brief stint as Belle in season one, and will be returning as a season two regular. Jorge Garcia who played Hugo on "Lost" has also joined the series, but as a "mystery character." TVGuide suspects that Garcia may tackle the role of Stromboli, Pinocchio's "demented" puppet master. Dale, Garcia or de Ravin may end up bringing Emma and her mother together, "whether they like it or not."

Besides the mother-daughter reunion spoiler and posters, the "Once Upon A Time" Facebook page also released a cast photo on Wednesday leading fans to wonder if a fallen character from season one will be making a comeback. The fallen character in question is Sheriff Graham, his photo made its way into a photo album called "Storybrooke Residents." The album features other characters (Mr. Gold, David, and Dr. Whale) that made it through season one alive. Viewers saw Sheriff Graham die of heart failure after Regina crushed his heart in her bare hands when he broke off their relationship. Looks like fans will have to wait a little while longer to see if the sheriff will be returning to life with a little bit of magic.

"Once Upon A Time" returns to ABC on Sept. 20.

Check out more posters from season two of "Once Upon A Time" below.