Once Upon a Time Emilie de Ravin
“Once Upon a Time” star Emilie de Ravin, pictured at Entertainment Weekly's Comic-Con 2015 Party in San Diego, California, on July 11, shared a photo of her baby daughter. Jason Merritt/Getty Images for Entertainment Weekly

“Once Upon a Time” star Emilie de Ravin has her very own little princess. The ABC actress took to Instagram Tuesday to share a first photo of her baby daughter after giving birth last month.

Ravin and boyfriend Eric Bilitch, who went public with their relationship in summer 2014, announced they were expecting their first child together in October. Last month they revealed that their daughter, Vera Audrey de Ravin-Bilitch, was born on March 12.

“Couldn’t be happier!” Ravin wrote at the time. “So in love with our little girl!”

Bilitch echoed Ravin’s excitement on Twitter.

“Madly in love with our gorgeous girl,” he posted. “And her momma is the most wonderful woman on earth! Could not be happier!”

Shortly after giving birth, the 34-year-old Australian actress shared a photo of her daughter’s tiny foot, and now fans are getting another look at her precious baby girl.


Hello world! Thank you for a wonderful first month. Everything is amazing here! Love, Vera

A photo posted by Emilie (@emiliede_ravin) on

Ravin stars on “Once Upon a Time” as fairytale character Belle. The writers decided to incorporate her pregnancy into the show, making Belle pregnant with Gold’s (Robert Carlyle) baby. The pregnancy came as a surprise to Belle, who found out the news after getting sucked through a portal into the Underworld. Although initially happy to be expecting her first child, Gold dropped some unfortunate news on her — he had previously made a deal to give his second born child up to a man with magic.

It’s a long story, but Gold killed the man who he signed the contract with. However, Hades (Greg Germann) got wind of the contract and took control of it, forcing Gold to do his bidding. Now Gold and Belle have to protect their unborn child from the ruler of the Underworld. But the catch is that Belle doesn’t want to use any of Gold’s dark magic.

“Once Upon a Time” airs on ABC Sundays at 8 p.m. EDT.