“One Day at a Time” Season 2 hit Netflix just a few weeks ago, but concern about the show getting canceled is already growing. Though it has glowing reviews, executive producers hinted that the Norman Lear reboot needs more viewers before it can be renewed for Season 3.

Co-showrunner Gloria Calderón Kellett asked followers to watch at least four episodes of the show this week and recommend it to their loved ones as well.

Star Justina Machado, who plays Penelope, retweeted Kellett and added her own message: “I couldn't have said it better!!!! Please spread the word!!”

Executive produce Mike Royce, meanwhile, stated that the next few weeks are crucial to getting the show renewed. He also suggested that fans watch or even rewatch the show.

So how much trouble is “One Day at a Time” in? It’s hard to say. While the producers make it clear that they would be more comfortable if the numbers were larger, Netflix does not publicly share data about views for each individual show. While Nielsen and other companies have tried to come up with ways to figure out the ratings for Netflix shows, it’s nearly impossible to figure out what the service’s 118 million subscribers worldwide are watching.

However, it’s clear that the producers believe they need more viewers in order to get renewed for Season 3. In addition to telling friends and family to watch, Royce told fans that watching the series again — even if subscribers watched once already — helps as well.

It might still be several weeks before Netflix announces if “One Day at a Time” has been canceled or renewed. Last year, it took the streaming platform about eight weeks after the premiere to make the renewal announcement. The comedy’s second season has only been available for about three weeks.

“One Day at a Time” is based on the classic CBS series, which ran from 1975 to 1984. A family remains at the center of the show, but some changes have been made. It now follows a single mother and her Cuban-American family in Echo Park. Penelope is recently divorced and trying to raise her two kids, Alex (Marcel Ruiz) and Elena (Isabella Gomez), with the help of her kooky mother Lydia (Rita Moreno).

The multicamera comedy has been praised for tackling topics like sexuality, PTSD, depression, addiction and immigration while remaining a genuinely funny show. The first season was certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes.

With half-hour episodes, the 26-episode series is an easy binge-watch. Check out “One Day at a Time” on Netflix.