A couple was fishing on a rainy day hoping to catch a fish, and just as they were reeling it in a shark came and ate their catch off the hook. The YouTube video The One That Got Away/Shark Bait has gone viral, with the help of a surprise shark attack and a woman's terrified reaction.

The woman in the video, Sarah Brame, is in the middle of reeling in a fish. She slowly tugs and pulls on the line for a few seconds before her fiancé grabs a net to scoop the fish out of the water. Just as the fish jumps up, a shark blasts out of the water and devours the fish.

The couple is shocked, as most of the viewers are who see the video when the shark comes out of seemingly nowhere to rip the fish from the line. After their profanity subsides, Sarah realizes that the fish and shark are still on her line.

Her fiancé yells, Oh, it's all mine! Get it.. it's on your pole baby keep reeling,

However, Brame is still stunned by what just happened and can only seem to yell, It's a shark, it's a shark, it's a big ass shark!

After they realize that the shark is no longer on the line they get excited that the whole scenario was caught on camera.

But the couple was determined to catch a shark, they said on Good Morning America.

It would have been nice to get it on the first try ... but we're not done trying, William Moore explained on Good Morning America, with his fiancée, Sarah Brame.

The two had been at their vacation home in Cherry Grove, S.C., when the shark emerged from the water, GMA revealed.

We actually rigged up a bull shortly after that video was shot and we threw out the bait and actually hooked a shark and tried to catch it, he said.

Moore and Van Hughes, Brame's stepfather, vowed to catch the shark.

It was crazy. It honestly kind of scared me, Brame said. There was no evidence anywhere that he was lurking in the water.

But Moore and Hughes weren't afraid, were ready to capture the large sea creature.

They rigged up one of his [Hughes] big chums and threw out a full drum body with the [inaudible] cut off of it and the shark took the bait, Moore said. I mean he wasn't even sitting in the water 10 minutes and he took the bait.

We fought him for about 45 minutes but eventually he broke our line, he said. If we hook the shark, I'd love to come back and take pictures and show you all, he explained to Good Morning America.