• "One Piece" 1015 is expected to drop on June 6
  • The previous chapter teased about Momo's crucial announcement
  • A detailed summary of the latest chapter will be published around June 3

The most recent chapter of the hit manga "One Piece" revealed that after Kaidou defeated the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates, he attacked Oden's heir, Momonosuke. As to what will happen in "One Piece" Chapter 1015 is anybody's guess. The good news is fans will not have to wait much longer since the next manga installment is scheduled to arrive on June 6.

"One Piece" Chapter 1015 Spoilers, Raw Scans Release Date

So far, there is no official word if the release of the upcoming chapter would be delayed. Fans can expect that the manga would follow its weekly release schedule. As for "One Piece" 1015 spoilers, it might become available online sometime between June 1 and June 3. Meanwhile, the incoming manga installment's English raw scans might surface on June 3.

Potential Spoilers, Chapter Round-Up, Predictions

The previous chapter ended with Kinemon bravely shielding Momonosuke from Kaidou's devastating attack. Shinubou carried Oden's heir away from the scene while Momo cried. Before this scene, Momo has been acting weird and was revealed to have been hearing voices.

One Piece
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Many fans believe that the voices have something to do with the Sea Kings. The theory has claimed that while Luffy has fallen to the sea, the Sea Kings would be there to save him from drowning. Another key takeaway from the previous chapter is about Momonosuke crying out to Kinemon, telling his vassal, "I have to tell them."

There is a possibility that Yamato would fight his father to protect Oden's son. In the previous chapter, however, Yamato was on his way to the rooftop. He has no idea that Kaidou has defeated Luffy and has flown from the rooftop towards Momo's location.

"One Piece" 1014 also showcased the fight between Queen the Plague and Chopper. There is a chance that Sanji, along with Izou and Kawamatsu, would arrive to lend him a hand on the battle at the Live Stage. Fans might also learn about Brook and Robin's fight against Black Maria.

They could also get an update on Jack the Drought, or Nekomamushi finally locating Perospero. "One Piece" 1015 might also offer some updates on the fight between Eustass Kid and Big Mom.