• Spoilers of "One Piece" 1017 are now available
  • The chapter will reportedly show the hybrid forms of Queen the Plague and Whos Who
  • Fans will also learn more about Whos Who in this chapter

"One Piece" Chapter 1017 will reportedly showcase two-hybrid form reveals -- a major battle between a Straw Hat member and a Tobi Roppo Shinuchi and some details about the backstory of Whos Who, one of the most intriguing members of Kaidou's Flying Six.

The latest set of "One Piece" 1017 spoilers, which user Srazack_76 shared on the manga's subreddit, came from Redon of Arlong Park forums and some Korean insiders. Based on the unofficial spoilers, fans will finally witness the long-awaited reveal of Queen the Plague's and Whos Who's hybrid forms. It appears that one of Kaido's Calamities is having a hard time fighting Sanji, so he would resort to his more powerful form.

"One Piece" 1017 will also show the backstory of Whos Who. Fans already know that he's an ambitious man who wants to be one of the All-Stars or Calamities of the Beasts Pirates. In fact, when Kaido offered one of the spots occupied by Kim of the Conflagration, Queen the Plague and Jack the Drought, he showed interest in the position. According to King, Whos Who's desire to be one of Kaido's top officers springs from his past as a pirate captain.

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Fans became more intrigued with Whos Who when, at some point during his fight with Jinbei, he mentioned that he had seen the latter when he was still a Shichibukai. However, since the Tobi Roppo member wore a mask and refused to remove it, there was no way for Jinbei to recognize him. Interestingly, it looks like fans would learn more about Whos Who in "One Piece" 1017.

According to the spoilers, Shinuchi is a former member of Cipher Pol 9 (CP9). For those who are not familiar with the organization, it is a secret group responsible for capturing Nico Robin during the Water 7 and Enies Lobby arcs. Members of this organization are known for their technique called Rokushiki, which apparently is the same technique that Whos Who uses.

It turns out that aside from being a member of the CP9, Whos Who was imprisoned 12 years ago for an undisclosed blunder. The mistake is reportedly related to a Devil Fruit that the World Government used to possess. Eventually, Whos Who escaped and is now one of Kaido's trusted minions.

Based on spoilers, Whos Who will also transform into his form while fighting Jinbei in "One Piece" 1017. The Tobi Roppo member has eaten the Neko Neko no Mi, Model: Saber Tiger ancient Zoan-type Devil Fruit that enables him to transform into a full smilodon and a human smilodon hybrid at will.