• "One Piece" 1017 might showcase explosive fights from major Wano Kuni characters
  • The upcoming chapter might show the continuing fight between Kaido and Yamato
  • "One Piece" unofficial spoielrs and scans are not yet available

"One Piece" Chapter 1017 is finally arriving Sunday after a week-long hiatus. Based on the previous manga installment, the upcoming chapter might showcase a royal riot that fans have not yet seen.

A lot of things could happen in "One Piece" 1017, but based on the clues from the previous chapter, it looks like fans are in for a real treat. O-tama, Nami and Usopp already obtained the PA system of the island and it looks like the little Kunoichi is going to give instructions to Gifters and Smile users to fight against Kaido.

According to the CP, 3,000 minions have already changed sides, which means they have already eaten the dangoes handed out by Speed. If this happens, it is going to be a riot and it is something that no one in Kaido's camp has anticipated.

Apart from that, the previous "One Piece" chapter also hinted at the royal battle between father and son Kaido and Yamato. Fans already saw what seems like a clash of haki between the two in the previous manga installment and in the upcoming chapter, they might witness how Yamato would fare against his father when it comes to combat. Fans know very little information about Yamato. His fight with his father might showcase what he is capable of and what kind of power he possesses.

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Aside from this royal bout, "One Piece" 1017 might also showcase the fight between Supernova Eustass Kid and Trafalgar Law and the emperor of the sea, Big Mom. Fans have seen how these captains fought to separate Big Mom from her homies, but they have yet to see how it would turn out with Hera around.

"One Piece" 1017 might also showcase the revenge fight between Nekomamushi and Perospero, which is another explosive battle to look forward to considering their skills and powers.

A lot of things could happen in the upcoming chapter of the hit manga. However, until the official installment releases, all of these pieces of information are highly speculative.

Since "One Piece" 1017 will release on June 27, unofficial spoilers and raw scans might surface online sometime between June 22 and June 26.