• "One Piece" 1021 is titled "Demonio"
  • The chapter is scheduled to release Sunday
  • It will show the end of the fight between Nico Robin and Black Maria

"One Piece" 1021 will be another explosive and interesting manga installment, particularly for fans of the Straw Hats' archaeologist, Nico Robin, the leaked raw scans suggest.

The upcoming chapter's raw scans and summary are now available online, thanks to insiders like Redon, Abo_3wad, EMONUPLA, and lili11. Based on the scans, Nico Robin is finally embracing the moniker the World Government gave her when she was young -- the Demon Child.

Nico Robin has the epithet because she is the only remaining descendant of Ohara and perhaps the last person who has the ability to read the Poneglyphs. After being with the Straw Hats for a long time, it seems she has no qualms about becoming a demon herself if it means she can protect, help and save her nakamas.

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Moreover, fans will learn more about the fight between Black Maria and Nico Robin. It appears the Tobi Roppo member is giving Nico Robin the toughest fight of her life and it's taking the Straw Hats' archeologist almost everything she learned during the time skip to finally overpower Black Maria.

"One Piece" 1021 raw scans also suggest that following a series of flashbacks on Sabo, Koala, Hack and her time with the Revolutionary Army, Nico Robin will finally muster enough strength to transform herself into a black demon.

Fans will see Nico Robin use a new technique called Demonio Fleur, which will allow her to transform her gigantic body into a black demon with horns, fangs and a pair of bat wings. Robin will then attack Black Maria using her Gran Jacuzzi Clutch technique.

In the upcoming chapter's double-page, fans will see Nico Robin in her demon form, clutching the entire body of Black Maria until she is knocked out, blood gushing out of her mouth. Brook will then grab the heavily-injured Nico Robin, possibly to leave the place.

"One Piece" 1021 is titled "Demonio" which, according to the raw scans, is one of Nico Robin's new techniques. After a long time, legendary mangaka Eiichiro Oda is finally giving the character spotlight she rightfully deserves.

It is also interesting character development. Nico Robin was initially introduced in the manga as an assassin. However, she has remained in the background over the years, with most of the major fight scenes focused on Luffy, Zoro, or Sanji.

With the upcoming manga installment seemingly confirming Nico Robin is now aware of how to use haki, the Straw Hats now seem to be ready for anything that will come their way on their journey to find One Piece.

The war in Onigashima is reaching its climax and the upcoming chapters will surely unravel a lot of surprises that will exceed fans' expectations.

"One Piece" 1021 is scheduled to release Sunday.