• "One Piece" 1057 is titled "Finale"
  • The upcoming manga installment is set to release Sunday
  • "One Piece" 1057 reveals Luffy's special gift to Momonosuke

"One Piece" 1057 marks the end of the longest arc in the series, Wano, and with it comes the confirmation that Yamato, the character many fans predicted to join the Straw Hats' crew, will stay in the closed country and will delay his adventure with Luffy and the gang.

Titled "Finale," the upcoming chapter, which is scheduled to drop Sunday, tells about the final hour of the Straw Hats in Wano Kuni and how the country builds itself back after decades of suffering from the clutches of its shogun, Orochi, and its ultimate overlord, Kaido.

The first part of the chapter, based on the leaked summary shared by industry insider Redon, features citizens of Wano in an auditorium in the Flower Capital listening to a story about the heroism of the Red Scabbards. Delivering the story like a poem, the teacher narrates about the dark sky of Onigashima where the storm thrives and the beast's roar grows louder. The teacher ends the narrative by saying that to avenge Kozuki Oden's death, his vassals took charge.

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Near Tokage Port in Udon, Momo in his dragon form, along with Kinemon and Yamato, rushes to send Luffy and his crew off after hearing the news about them leaving Wano. Momo is surprised Yamato has decided not to go with the Straw Hats, despite knowing that Oden's son has asked the Straw Hats' captain to make him a part of his crew.

For Yamato, being Kozuki Oden is to mimic his journey in the right way. Since the Daimyo first traveled all over Wano, he too will do the same, noting that going out to the sea will happen someday soon. This hints at the possibility of Yamato joining the Straw Hats in their next destination.

If Eiichiro Oda, the creator of "One Piece," intends to let Yamato follow Oden's footsteps, there is a chance that he will be soon seen joyriding the Sunny and perhaps go with the Straw Hats until they find the One Piece, which is what happened to Oden when he joined the Roger Pirates up until the crew disbanded.

"One Piece" 1057 also gives a brief flashback of Momonosuke, showing how the young shogun suffered from the time his father died. Oden's son is also enraged that Luffy did not say goodbye and wonders if Luffy has a heart.

Kinemon is angry about what Luffy did and wants to know why the Straw Hats' captain treated the shogun that way. Finally, Momo, Kinemon and Yamato reach the Tokage Port where Kid, Law and Luffy's ships are preparing to depart.

Law tells Luffy their alliance officially ends and the next time they meet, he will go after their lives. Luffy just laughs it off, while Chopper says goodbye to Trafalgar.

At the port, Momo changes to his human form and along with Yamato, he goes to where Luffy is. Kinemon draws his sword out while asking Luffy why he decided to leave without telling them. But their fake bravado crumbles as Momo wails and asks Luffy to stay and never leave.

Luffy hands Momo a gift and says they have been waiting for the young shogun at the port to give it to him. Inside the present is a massive Straw Hats' flag and Luffy tells him, "When you are in a difficult situation, remember your days of adventures in the sea!! Put this somewhere in Wano Kuni."

Luffy also assures Momo, "If in the future some dangerous guy arrives, show them this! Tell them that if they lay a hand on one of you, it means they want a fight with us."

Momo also asks Luffy, "So...I am one of you," and the Straw Hats' captain replies, "Kinemon, Yamato, Momo, I will come for any of you if you ever decide that you wanna be a pirate. But I don't accept cowards! I leave everything in your hands now, Yamato." he then orders the crew to set off.