• "One Piece" Chapter 986 drops on August 3 
  • The upcoming "One Piece" chapter could be emotional as hinted by one of its editors
  • Several fans theorized the reasons why "One Piece" Chapter 986 made one of the manga's editors cry

"One Piece" Chapter 986 is looking to be one of the most emotional episodes if the Manga's editor's recent statement is to go by. The usual set of spoilers shared by some fans of the popular series is not out yet. Interestingly, the fandom has a new source of spoiler and this one comes directly from one of the key personalities involved in the Manga.

"One Piece" Chapter 986: An Emotional Chapter?

The latest spoiler about "One Piece" Chapter 986 comes directly from one of the editors closely working with Eiichiro Oda, Takano Ken. According to the editor, he has seen the upcoming chapter and revealed that it made him cry. The information comes from Twitter user and translator sandman_AP, who added that it is the first time that Takano-san cried since becoming a "One Piece" editor. What could be the reason why the editor was emotional about "One Piece" Chapter 986?

"One Piece" Chapter 986 Theories

On Reddit, a user named Doom_shoot shared his theory about the upcoming chapter. He claimed that after Kiku killed Kanjuro, the scabbards learned that he is not a traitor but a good guy. Kanjuro allegedly faked his relationship with Orochi so he could earn Kaido's trust.

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The Reddit user also believes that the Momonosuke suffering right now is just one of Kanjuro's masterpieces. It can be recalled that Kanjuro can draw things and make them alive. Kanjuro started to have a meaningful life once again when he joined the scabbards, the Reddit user speculated.

Another Reddit user named mashy787 said that the only thing that could hurt him is if the Manga would reveal that Sabo, Luffy's brother, is dead. Other fans dissed the editor's statement and believed that he is just hyping the upcoming chapter. "One Piece" is nearing its 1000th chapter with The Land Of Wano arc.

The previous chapter already revealed Kaido's plan for the country and for his daughter. It is possible that "One Piece" Chapter 986 would focus on other key personalities in the arc, particularly the scabbards. There will be no "One Piece" this weekend. "One Piece" Chapter 986 would arrive on August 3.