• "One Piece" 988 spoilers confirmed the Minks tribe would transform into Sulong form
  • Jack would reportedly reach the roof where Kaido and the Scabbards are fighting
  • "One Piece" Chapter 988 would allegedly show the revenge fight of the Minks against Jack

The upcoming “One Piece” Chapter 988 would reportedly showcase the Minks in their Sulong form, Inuarashi Musketeers, and Jack's arrival. In the most recent chapter, Kozuki Oden’s samurais attacked Kaido to save Momonosuke. In the next chapter, “One Piece” fandom might finally see the Inuarashi Musketeers and the Guardians fighting against Jack while the Scabbards continue their fight against Kaido.

“One Piece” Chapter 988: Minks’ Sulong Form Confirmed

Following Nekomumamushi’s statement in the previous chapter of “One Piece,” fans were quick to speculate that the Minks could fight in their Sulong form. Thanks to the latest set of spoilers shared by Talk OP of WorstGeneration, it looks like fans were correct. The spoilers revealed that the Mink Tribe turned into their berserk or Sulong form because of the full moon.

Aside from Kaido, it appears that Jack would arrive at the roof. The spoilers revealed the Guardians and the Inuarashi Musketeers would fight against Jack. It the Zuo arc, Kaido’s top All-star annihilated the country of the Minks and even came back later and decided to kill the Elephant. In what seems like a revenge fight, the fandom would witness Sisilian, Giovanni and Concelot, as well as Roddy and Blackback, in their Sulong form making Jack pay.

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“One Piece” Chapter 988: Kaido vs. Scabbards

According to the latest “One Piece” spoilers, the first few pages of the upcoming chapter would focus on the happenings at the dome. It is safe to assume that pages 2 to 4 would be all about Kiado, the Scabbards, The Minks and Jack. Will the Scabbards defeat Kaido? Most “One Piece” fans believed that if there is one person who could defeat the Beast Pirates’ captain, it is going to be Luffy.

It is possible that the Scabbards could inflict heavy damage to Kaido. However, Oda has been building up Luffy and Kaido’s rematch in the previous chapters. The “one Piece” creator made use of Luffy’s imprisonment and turned it into his training. He also had Luffy learn the Ryuo, which is the version of Haki in the Land of Wano. “One Piece” Chapter 988 will be released on August 23.