• "One Piece" Chapter 990 spoilers reveal the fight between King and Zoro
  • "One Piece" Chapter 990 arrives on September 13
  • Spoilers reveal "One Piece" Chapter 990 would show the arrival of Marco and Perospero

"One Piece" Chapter 990 will be another exciting and action-packed adventure, according to a new set of spoilers. The latest manga installment left fans hanging with Luffy and Zoro hindered by Queen from getting into Kaido's location. If the latest set of spoilers is to be believed, it looks like Zoro will fight another formidable member of kaido's All-Star.

"One Piece" Chapter 990: Zoro vs. King

The latest set of unconfirmed "One Piece" Chapter 990 spoilers is courtesy of insider FreddieTaro. According to the tipster, fans would witness the fight between King the Conflagration and Luffy's trusted swordsman Roronoa Zoro. If the spoilers are accurate, the fight will excite fans considering that both fighters wield a sword.

It is also interesting to see Zoro fighting against a powerful opponent since the Dressrosa arc. In the previous "One Piece" manga installment, fans got a taste of King's power when he attacked Sanji. King was also responsible for overthrowing the Big Mom pirates when they were climbing the wall of the land of Wano.

One Piece Pirate Warrior 4 Luffy vs Big Mom Photo: instacodez/flickr

So far, King the Conflagration's true power has yet to be revealed in "One Piece" manga. Unfortunately, the tipster did not share more details about Zoro and King's fight. Who will emerge victorious in this rumored fight is yet to be seen in "One Piece" Chapter 990.

"One Piece" Chapter 990: Marco And Perospero

Apart from King and Zoro's fight, the tipster also claimed that "One Piece" Chapter 990 would show the arrival of Charlotte Perospero and Marco the Phoenix. It is unclear where they will appear, but it looks like they would be in Onigashima where the battle is currently happening. In the previous chapters of "One Piece," fans learned that Marco and Perospero forged a temporary alliance.

Will Perospero's arrival prevent the fight between Big Mom and some of the Straw Hats' members? Will Linlin's eldest son convince his mother to dissolve Big Mom Pirates' alliance with Kaido? Will the Big Mom pirates work with the Minks-Ninja-Pirate alliance?

It is worth mentioning that while these spoilers are exciting, these are unofficial. Meanwhile, "One Piece" Chapter 990 is set to drop on September 13.