• "One Piece" Chapter 1059 is set to release on September 11
  • The upcoming chapter could show the result of the fight between Coby and Hancock
  • "One Piece" Chapter 1059 might also show the appearance of one of the Emperors of the Sea

"One Piece" Chapter 1059 is just a few days away from its official release following its week-long hiatus, and while nothing official has been released yet about the upcoming manga installment, early spoilers tease the appearance of one of the most powerful Emperors of the Sea and the biggest threat to Luffy's ambition of becoming the Pirate King.

Insiders within the "One Piece" community are giving vague clues on what the upcoming chapter will be about, but thanks to their hints, fans now have an idea of what to expect from the manga. One of the hints points to the reappearance of Marshall D. Teach in "One Piece" Chapter 1059, with some insiders noting that the yonko would do something exciting.

Unfortunately, the insiders did not reveal yet where exactly Blackbeard will appear and what he will do. The last time fans saw Blackbeard was in Chapter 925, which was released on November 22, 2018, that is almost four years ago.

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It is worth noting that each time the yonko shows up in the manga, he never fails to create major news. The last time, fans saw him in the New World, when Moira, a former shichibukai, made a play against him to find his man Absalom.

The tyrant, who designed the claw marks on Shanks' face, appeared stronger now in the New World than he was during the Marineford War. In addition to Blackbeard's reappearance, "One Piece" Chapter 1059 might also reveal the result of the battle between Coby and the Kuja Pirates.

Insiders teased that the result of the battle is "shocking and terrifying," which could mean a lot of things. Boa Hancock, the former shichibukai and Luffy's lover, is the captain of the Kuja Pirates, and the result of her fight against Coby has some ramifications, especially since both of them hold a special place in Luffy's heart.

Coby, the first friend Luffy made during his adventure to the sea, trained under the tutelage of Garp, was assigned to attack Amazon Lily during the disbandment of the Shichibukai system. Fans are looking forward to seeing what happens to these WG missions.

Crocodile and Mihawk have built the Cross Guild alongside Buggy, suggesting that they have survived the attacks. With no news about Boa Hancock and Kuja Pirates, or at least about Coby, Eiichiro Oda sure does want to save the best for last.

Insiders also mentioned the Straw Hats pirates finally arriving on a new island at the end of "One Piece" Chapter 1059. Unfortunately, they haven't revealed the name of the island since the next arc would be reportedly based on it.

"One Piece" Chapter 1059 is set to roll out on September 11.