• "One Piece" is now on a one-week hiatus
  • "One Piece" Chapter 995 is reportedly releasing on Nov. 15
  • Spoilers hint some of the characters may die in "One Piece" Chapter 995

Fans might see lots of deaths in “One Piece” Chapter 995 and its subsequent chapters, with the previous installment seemingly raising death flags from statements of various characters.

The previous chapter of the popular manga “One Piece” hinted that Onigashima would soon reek of death. Kaido mentioned death being the completion of life and envied Whitebeard and Roger for dying in a glorious way. On the Skull Dome roof, Kin’emon said that there would be no honor dying in the battle against the Beasts Pirates’ captain, which could be a major death flag.

Apart from those, the previous “One Piece” chapter highlighted Yamato, who willingly defended Momonosuke and said that she would die to protect Oden’s heir. While it is unclear if this is a death flag, Kaido’s daughter did mention death. In the main hall, Queen the Plague announced that those infected by his Ice Oni plague bullets would die within an hour.

One Piece One-Piece-Pirate-Warriors-4-16019-003 Photo: instacodez/flickr

Kaido’s All-Star has only one antidote and he gave it to Scratchmen Apoo, instructing him to protect it until all those infected are dead. However, Queen the Plague warned that should the supernova fail to follow his order, he would be executed --another major death flag. Sasaki and Kaido’s armored troops stormed to Momo, Yamato and Shinobu’s location and opened fire on Oden’s son with the kunoichi using her body to protect Momo.

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There are casualties in every war and the one happening in Onigashima right now is going to have lots if key characters would not step up sooner. Tony Tony Chopper needs to get the lone antidote for Queen the Plague’s Ice Oni plague bullets to prevent deaths. However, the Straw Hats have to snatch it away from Apoo Scratchmen, who is one of the powerful Supernova captains of the Worst Generation.

“One Piece” Chapter 995 would certainly make some more arc progressions. The manga is fast approaching its 1000th chapter and some fans are speculating that it could be the end of Act III in The Land of Wano arc. “One Piece” Chapter 995 is reportedly releasing on Nov.15.