• Oda said "One Piece" would probably end in four to five years
  • In a recent interview the "One Piece" creator shared an interesting detail about the manga's ending
  • "One Piece Chapter 989 arrives in September 6

A recent interview with the creator of “One Piece” revealed an interesting detail about the manga’s ending. Eiichiro Oda also reconfirmed that Luffy and the Straw Hats’ adventures would end in about four to five years. While the fandom is still clueless on what’s going to happen in the manga in that span of time, Oda confirmed something about the ending that the fandom knew all along.

On Thursday, “One Piece” creator and manga artist Eiichiro Oda met up with the Japanese boy band Arashi Tsubo at the Jump office and sat for an interview. Although the interviewers are aware that Oda would not spill the beans about the highly anticipated finale of “One Pice,” Arashi member Jun Matsumoto asked Oda a very interesting question.

“Is the ending going to be amazing?” Oda replied: “Yes, the ending for One Piece is going to be amazing.” Based on this interview, it is safe to say that the fan-favorite manga “One Piece” would be sailing off until 2025. But, it is worth mentioning that in a 2019 interview, Oda said he wanted to finish the series in five years, which falls in 2024.

One Piece
“One Piece” Chapter 969 might show fans the fight between Oden and Kaido and might give a glimpse of what Roger and Whitebeard talked about more than a couple of decades ago. Bandai Namco/YouTube Screenshots

On Twitter, “One Piece” insider Sandman_Ap also shared some interesting tidbits based on Oda’s recent interview. The “One Piece” creator shared that he cried when he drew the chapter where Rebecca met his father, Kyros. This is a part of the Dressrosa arc where Luffy single-handedly defeated Doflamingo.

Oda believed that readers would not be moved to tears unless the mangaka himself cried. Apart from the manga’s ending, the “One Piece” creator also revealed his favorite scenes. This includes the opening scene of Wano, Robin putting the mangrove tree’s sap on Usopp and the campfire scene in Skypiea arc.

According to Oda, the scene with Robin and Usopp helped the audience feel that the “One Piece” world is real. Meanwhile, the campfire scene is where Oda wanted to draw most in Skypiea arc. ”One Piece” Chapter 989 is set to arrive on September 6. The manga will have a weeklong hiatus this week.