• "One Piece" recently showed Luffy's Gear 4 transformation
  • The manga also offered interesting insights about this powerful form
  • "One Piece" Chapter 991 arrives on September 27

The latest issue of “One Piece” manga offered an interesting insight about Luffy’s god-tier gear transformation.

Fans have already seen Luffy’s Fourth gear transformation in the previous chapters of “One Piece” manga. However, this is the first time that new details about this form were provided. “One Piece” Chapter 990 likened this form to that of the Wisdom King.

Old man Hyo could be heard saying this when Luffy was fighting against one of the Numbers. Hyogo was described as “in shock” upon seeing Luffy’s form and likened it to one of the Wisdom Kings of Vajrayana Buddhism. In “One Piece” Chapter 921, the people in Wano consider Kaido as the Wisdom King who is responsible for protecting the country. 

One Piece “One Piece” Chapter 969 might show fans the fight between Oden and Kaido and might give a glimpse of what Roger and Whitebeard talked about more than a couple of decades ago. Photo: Bandai Namco/YouTube Screenshots

In fact, the reason why Wano celebrates the Fire Festival is for the Shogun and his followers to pay their respects to the Wisdom King at Onigashima. According to OPfanpage, Luffy’s Gear 4 Boundman are based on the guardian god Nio, which could be the reason why Hyogoro reminded him of the Wisdom King. The site speculates that this could be a foreshadowing that Luffy is going to be the true guardian of the Land of Wano after the war.

If these assumptions are accurate, this could mean Luffy’s fourth gear form makes him some kind of a god or just look like one. It appears that there are minor touches of Buddhism scattered all over “One Piece.” Fans first saw this during the Marineford war where Sengoku transformed into a Golden Buddha.

Luffy’s fourth gear transformation could also mean that he could achieve far more powerful forms in the future. In a recent interview, “One Piece” creator Eiichiro Oda revealed his plans after the Land of Wano arc. According to him, if Luffy and his crew successfully come out of Wano, a great war is waiting for them. Oda described this war as “something no one has ever seen in the series.”

Things are getting more exciting as “One Piece” inches towards its 1000th chapter in the manga. “One Piece” Chapter 991 is set to arrive on September 27.