• "One Piece" Chapter 1002 is titled "Four Emperors vs New Generation
  • The latest chapter officially drops on Jan. 31
  • One of the scenes in the latest chapter shows Luffy withstanding an emperor's attack

“One Piece” Chapter 1002 is another explosive installment of the popular manga franchise and some of its panels reveal one of the secrets why Luffy was able to withstand Kaido’s powerful Bolo Breath attack.

In one of “One Piece” Chapter 1002 panels, Luffy claimed that he was able to survive Kaido’s attack because of mere guts. However,  on Twitter, user newworldartur shared that the term used in the translation could mean more than it appears. The user said that the kanji can also refer to a strong spirit or will power. This interpretation could mean that Luffy’s strong will power triggered the strengthening of his haki that enabled him to withstand the devastating attack.

For those wondering about the magnitude of Kaido’s Bolo Breath, they should look back to “One Piece” 913. The anime version could very well show the extent of the damage this single attack could create. In the anime, the drunk Kaido turns into a dragon and flies above Okobore Town, threatening Shuntemaru and all the people in the town. He then heads toward the Oden Castle and out of nowhere, fires the Bolo Breath.

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That single blast destroyed the ruins of the Oden Castle, where Nami, Momonosuke, other Straw Hats, and come members of the Red Scabbards are. Kaido was on air and at a great distance when he did it in “One Piece” Chapter 913. There is a substantial difference in terms of intensity between the time he fired the attack on the Oden Castle and the time he hurled it toward Luffy on the roof of the Skull Dome.

In other words, the difference in distance in firing the attack could mean the one he released towards Luffy is a lot more powerful than the one he used to destroy the Oden Castle. Since he first set out to the sea, Monkey D. Luffy has improved in terms of skills and power. His experiences in dealing with different types of enemies and his motivation to save his friends from oppression are among the reasons why he can withstand powerful attacks unleashed by the Emperors of the sea.