The Chinese smartphone manufacturer OnePlus has managed to carve out a niche in the industry, despite competing with the likes of Google and Samsung, especially post the success of OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T. The company is now expected to skip over OnePlus 4, which was expected after the OnePlus 3T, and move on to the OnePlus 5.

While the company hasn’t made any announcement regarding the next-generation device, this move has been made since the company, following certain Chinese customs, considers the number 4 unlucky, Koreaportal reports.

It remains to be seen if OnePlus can actually hold its ground with its 2017 offering, especially since smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S8 and iPhone 8 are setting the bar pretty high with their expected features.

Although the company has targeted just the mid-range device market till date, the report indicated that its next device, the OnePlus 5, does have some high-end features, including:

Edge-to-edge display:  The OnePlus 5 is expected to have a dual-edged curved display design. This design rumor raises doubts whether the device could have a mid-range price tag, since an edge-to-edge display would significantly bump up the price, in comparison to the existing OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T devices, which cost $339 and $439 in the U.S. currently. But if OnePlus does endow its next device with the feature, it would give tough competition to Samsung and Apple, currently the reigning players in terms of market share.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 processor: Since Samsung has booked the whole line of Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processors, OnePlus is expected to go for the nearest alternative — the Snapdragon 830. The Snapdragon 830 is a 10nm technology based processor, just like the Snapdragon 835.

23-megapixel rear camera:  The device is expected to be an upgrade in terms of the rear camera, although it is expected to have the same front camera as the OnePlus 3T. Combined with the Snapdragon 830, the camera is expected to offer performance and imaging improvements.

Ceramic body: This feature has been rumored for long for the device — the OnePlus 5 is expected to come in a special ceramic body, which, along with glass and aluminum design elements, is expected to endow a premium feel to the device.

Android 7.0: The device is expected to come with Android 7.0 — Nougat OS out-of-the-box.

Apart from these features, the device is expected to have a 4,000 mAh battery, 6GB or 8GB RAM, a new 256GB storage variant and a USB-type C port. If the report is correct, it still remains to be seen how OnePlus would price such a device.