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The OnePlus 5 is believed to have 8GB of RAM and might cost €550 in Europe. OnePlus

As the OnePlus 5 launch nears, more details about the upcoming flagship have popped up including its price, release date and specs. The OnePlus 5 is believed to carry a €550 (around US$620) price tag in European markets, and will be available in India on June 22.

A More Expensive Flagship Killer

A new contest for an annual music festival in Finland called Provinssi has the OnePlus 5 and two three-day VIP passes as its grand prize. The poster for the contest was shared by fans on the OnePlus forums and was published on the music festival’s Facebook page.

The poster for the contest also included the value of the prizes that are up for grabs. The grand prize is listed as having a value of €948. The actual price of a single VIP pass costs €199. If we subtract the two VIP passes from the €948, we’re left with €550, the possible retail price of the OnePlus 5.

If this is accurate, then this confirms a lot of the fears of OnePlus fans. The OnePlus 5 will be more expensive that its predecessors. The OnePlus 3T currently sells in the United States for $439, and €439 in Finland.

There has been a lot of speculation on the OnePlus 5’s price. Lats month, an anonymous source told Android Authority that the upcoming smartphone might cost as much as $650. The reason behind the possible higher price is because the handset is said to have “more costly components.”

With this new information, it appears as though the OnePlus 5 price might still undercut pricing of its rivals. Apple’s iPhone 7 currently starts at $649, while Samsung’s Galaxy S8 starts at $720.

India Release Date And RAM Size

OnePlus has already announced that it will launch the OnePlus 5 on June 20, but the company hasn’t confirmed a release date yet. Amazon India has announced that the handset will be available to buy in India on June 22, the same day the OnePlus 5 launch in the country.

Evan Blass, VentureBeat writer and frequent reliable leaker, has also uncovered something about the version of the handset arriving in India. The source code in the Amazon India webpage shows that the OnePlus 5 will arrive in the country with 8GB of RAM.

The OnePlus 5 has been rumored to have 6GB or 8GB of RAM, but this seems to be the first solid evidence supporting the latter. However, it’s still possible that the handset could come with a 6GB RAM variant.

It seems very possible that the OnePlus 5 could be made available in U.S. on June 20 right after its reveal in the livestream. Another possibility is that the phone might be available to buy in the U.S. at the same time in India on June 22.

A Final Look

Earlier this week, Android Police got a hold of an official press render of the OnePlus 5. Unlike previous leaks, the newly leaked render shows a horizontal dual-camera module.

The image also confirms that the handset will carry over the same front design of its predecessor. Based on this image, the OnePlus 5 looks very similar to the iPhone 7 Plus’s look.

Camera Quality

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau recently went on the Chinese social media site Weibo and teased the camera performance of the OP5. Lau shared an image captured with the OnePlus 5, and it looks like it can take fantastic photos even in lowlight.

The photo is exposed well, with very minimum noise. The image also revealed through its metadata that the OP5 camera will have a 16-megapixel sensor, according to GSM Arena.