OnePlus might go beyond making smartphones and headphones according to the latest rumors. The Shenzhen-based smartphone maker is rumored to release a new fitness tracker or a wearable device next year as early as the release of the OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro. the upcoming wearable will feature a fitness tracker, according to multiple reports.

The latest claim about the OnePlus smartwatch was spotted on Twitter by Trusted Reviews. Twitter user Tech Auntyji, a writer at Tech PP, shared that the Chinese smartphone maker is planning to release a fitness tracker. The post is rather cryptic because it does not directly say anything about OnePlus. It simply states that for those planning to purchase a fitness band, his advice is to never settle.

That is the official slogan that OnePlus uses to market its products. Several sites claim that the post suggests the speculated OnePlus smartwatch. However, it is worth noting that the tweet does not mention anything about smartwatch but more about a fitness tracker. It could also be a smartwatch with a fitness tracker or vice versa or both.

OnePlus New reports claim that OnePlus is moving beyond smartphones and plans to launch a fitness tracker along with OnePlus 8. Photo: REUTERS/Danish Siddiqui

It is highly possible to see the unveiling of OnePlus fitness tracker and OnePlus smartwatch next year. Over the years, Chinese smartphone makers like Xiaomi and Huawei have successfully launched their fitness trackers by bundling it with their flagship smartphones. It is possible that OnePlus is copying this strategy when it finally releases the rumored OnePlus fitness tracker of OnePlus smartwatch.

Rumors about the OnePlus smartwatch can be traced back three years ago when a concept sketch of the rumored device surfaced online. But, over the years, many thought that the company has already dropped the concept. At this point, it is hard to rule out anything considering OnePlus’ reputation of surprising the consumers.

OnePlus has recently joined the highly competitive TV business, so taking on Apple Watch is not an impossible prospect. Meanwhile, OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 pro are anticipated to be unveiled sometime in May 2020. But, there is a chance that these upcoming flagship smartphones might be released earlier than expected.