Back in 2015, an image of a bodycon dress split the internet into two halves after people saw it "differently." Internet users are faced with a similar conundrum yet again. This time, it's a different piece of clothing -- a hat that appears to change its color.

In a video shared on TikTok by Otelia Carmen, the beanie hat appears to switch color from rust to brown and then, rust to green in a matter of seconds, leaving the internet users scratching their heads.

Carmen pointed out that light is a crucial factor behind the color-changing characteristic of the hat. "Why lighting should be just as important as color/material selections!!" Carmen wrote in the caption, according to Ladbible. The video has already raked in nearly four million views on TikTok.

The video was shared on Instagram too. "For everyone in my stories who said my hat was rust/'re right - and also wrong," Carmen captioned the clip.

The woman said she initially thought it was a maroon hat, only to discover later that it was brown or green when she got home. Carmen said she realized it was metamerism, the term used to describe how a color can change under different lighting.

Some users raised doubts if the video was edited but Carmed posted several follow-ups showing the hat changing color in real-time to rebut their claims. In one of such follow-up videos, Carmen herself appears walking around the house wearing the accessory and it appears to go from rust to brown to green.

The comment section had people fearing another wave of an unending fight over the color of a piece of clothing, just like the bodycon dress of 2015. "I can't do this again pls," one user wrote. "It's the dress all over again," wrote another. "This is insane," wrote a third user.

The dress that set off a social media conflagration a few years ago had a section of people arguing it was blue in color with black lace while others said it was white with golden lace.

Beanie hat Pixabay