Ruby Rose has a pretty large fan base. But did you know most of the actress’ biggest supporters are her “Orange Is the New Black” co-stars?

During an interview with People Magazine, cast and crew members from the hit Netflix series, which streamed its third season in June, gushed about Rose, a Litchfield newcomer who took on the seductive role of Stella Carlin in the third installment of the Jenji Kohan-created drama.

“It’s fun, we have such an amazing chemistry as a cast at this point, and it’s always great to have new people in the mix, to shake up the dynamic a little bit,” Taylor Schilling, who portrayed Stella’s Season 3 love interest, Piper, on the series, said. “She’s interesting, people like her so much because she’s so lovable and adorable and sweet. Plus, she had a cool accent."

It’s true. In addition to Rose’s charisma and charm, she also has a wickedly delightful Australian accent that brings both boys and girls to their knees.

“Everybody loves the bad girl, the one who you don't know exactly what's up," the show’s casting director, Jennifer Euston, told People magazine. “The one with a little edge, that’s always appealing to an audience.”

In fact, Rose was so appealing that once Euston saw her audition tape, she was hooked! “As soon as I saw her on the screen I was like, 'Got it!'” the Emmy award nominated casting director admitted.

And as it turns out, Euston wasn’t the only one completely smitten with the actress. Rose’s castmate Selenis Levya, who plays Gloria Mendoza on “OITNB,” dished that she was determined to snag screen time with the beauty from down under.

“I haven't had a chance to do any scenes with her and I requested that in my contract, due to her beauty and the ridiculousness of that girl's looks," she quipped. "She's sexy and beautiful, yes, but what I love about her really honestly, is that she's so cool about it. She doesn’t know how gorgeous she is, which makes her even more ridiculous." 

Although the modest actress might not be aware of how stunning she is, she did know one thing for sure: she wanted to star on the critically acclaimed prison drama.

"I was like, 'Yeah, that would be the most amazing show in the world to be on.' But as far as my career in the States, up until that point it had been quite dismal,” Rose told the Hollywood Reporter in June. "I was like, yeah, that would be really lovely that my first job would be on ‘Orange Is the New Black,' but it's very unlikely."

Guess everyone’s dream girl landed her dream job!

“Orange Is the New Black” was renewed for a Season 4 in April.