Casey Anthony
Casey Anthony sits in court during her sentencing at the Orange County Courthouse in Orlando, Florida, July 7, 2011. Reuters

Casey Anthony's ride under the radar is about to end. She has been ordered to return to Orlando, Florida, to serve a one-year probation she was handed in 2010.

Casey's legal team has said they will challenge the decision of Judge Stan Strickland to summon her back to Florida to serve the term she was awarded in a check fraud case.

Reports say she could report to Orange County probation office as early as this week.

After being released from the Orange County jail on July 17 following the acquittal in Caylee Anthony murder case, Casey has been away from public view.

Part of the reason was that she became a hate object soon after she was acquitted of charges of killing her two-year-old daughter. Though the jury did not hand her the much-expected death verdict on account of poor evidence, she was guilty in the public eye. There were instances of Casey look-alikes being attacked.

Her legal team refused to say where she was headed following the release. Her whereabouts remained a matter of speculation ever since. This could change if she were to start the one-year probation in Florida. Anyone who wants to track her can now narrow down the search significantly.

The latest decision emanated from Judge Strickland's decision that Casey hadn’t served the one-year probation while she was serving time as an under trial prisoner.

There is no word out yet on where she will serve the probation.

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