Months after Sen. Jeff Kruse was accused by two female senators of inappropriate behavior, a report now found the allegations were indeed true.

In a statement issued to the media, Oregon Gov. Kate Brown asked the senator to step down after an independent investigation Tuesday confirmed Kruse’s inappropriate behavior against women.

The governor said, "Senator Kruse's behavior is not acceptable in the Capitol or any workplace, and he should step down."

According to reports, the independent investigator, attorney Dian Rubanoff, concluded in a report released Tuesday that Kruse did not just subject the two senators to unwanted advances but also groped and gave lingering hugs to many women working at the Oregon Capitol.

"The legislature must immediately take steps to ensure that every person who walks into Oregon's Capitol is safe and respected, allowing the focus in the capitol to be where it should: on serving the people of Oregon," she added.

During the course of the investigation, Rubanoff found that Kruse while being “oblivious” to the effects of his actions engaged in "longstanding pattern of unwelcome physical contact," Oregon Live reported.

The report further stated his actions escalated despite warnings to stop the inappropriate behavior. The allegations against Kruse came to light in October 2017 when two senators accused him of inappropriately touching them. The accusation triggered a fact-finding enquiry in the capitol against the senator. Since then several more women had accused the senator of resorting to inappropriate behavior following which the governor said that work place harassment was absolutely unacceptable.

Though the senator conceded he did touch the women, he denied allegations of misconduct and said his motive was well-intended and that he thought they were well received by the women.

However in October 2017, Sen. Jackie Dingfelder said the behavior violated social boundaries and she found it demeaning and humiliating referring to the incident where the senator had inappropriately touched her back during a committee hearing.

House Speaker Tina Kotek on Tuesday evening asked Kruse to step down.

In a statement she said, "The third-party investigation into the sexual harassment allegations against Senator Jeff Kruse was thorough and fair. It showed a pervasive and persistent pattern of inappropriate and unacceptable behavior that is not permissible for anyone, let alone an elected official."

She further added, "The people of Oregon and the women who work in the Capitol deserve better. He should resign, and if he chooses not to, the Senate should expel him. Thank you to the brave women who came forward with their reports of harassment. I promise to do everything in my power to make sure their courage brings about real change."