The original “Psychonauts” is coming to the PlayStation 4 as the next PS2-to-PS4 game. Considered by many to be a classic PS2 game from Tim Schaefer and Double Fine Studios, the game is set for release this spring, and will be up-rendered to 1080p, while also having trophy support.

For those unaware, “Psychonauts” follows the journey of a young psychic named Razputin, who would rather be called Raz, as he attempts to join an elite group of psychic secret agents, according to the official PlayStation Blog. Throughout his Journey, Raz will meet a cast of colorful characters, explore unique worlds and uncover a conspiracy, with a little bit of kid romance in the side.

Of course, these “unique worlds” actually come from unique minds. Raz will travel through the minds of several characters in the game, with each mind fitting the particular character’s personality. Players can also find safes that have the character’s deepest secrets, some of which can be incredibly dark.

Aside from the spring release window, no official date was given for the game’s current-gen debut. There’s a good chance that the game will just be announced during "The Drop," like the recently released “Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits.”

No price was given, but most of the PS2-to-PS4 releases have ranged from $10 to $15, so fans can expect it around that price range. Given the game’s recent high profile, there’s a good chance that the release will lean towards $15.

The timing for the “Psychonauts” announcement couldn’t be better, as Polygon confirmed that its sequel “Psychonauts 2” would be coming out sometime in 2018. It makes the re-release feel more timely and relevant, as it allows fans to familiarize themselves with the game’s world before diving into the sequel.

Most importantly, newer fans who weren’t able to give the game a shot before can rectify their mistakes and try it out now. Considering how most consider the game to be a classic, there are probably a number of curious gamers who want to try out the platformer.

It looks like “Psychonauts” is back in a big way, with the re-release, an upcoming sequel and a PlayStation VR game called “Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin.” “Psychonauts 2” will be coming to PS4, Windows PC and Xbox One.

PSYCHONAUTS (Zero Punctuation) (Credit: YouTube/The Escapist)