“The Originals” actors are taking advantage of every opportunity they can in The CW drama’s final season. At least three cast members will take on directorial duties in Season 5.

While Joseph Morgan’s (Klaus) next turn in the director’s chair was announced at San Diego Comic-Con, “Originals” producer Carina MacKenzie confirmed that he isn’t the only one stepping behind the camera. Daniel Gillies (Elijah) and Charles Michael Davis (Marcel) will direct again as well. Morgan is handing episode 3, David is on episode 6 and Gillies is helming episode 10.

This isn’t the first time directing for any of them. Davis made his directorial debut last season. Morgan and Gillies had a couple directing gigs before, but they first helmed an episode of “The Originals” in Seasons 3 and 4, respectively.

When discussing his first episode as director, Gillies said that it was a little easier to jump behind the camera since he knew the show so well.

“Also, because Charles Michael Davis, Joseph Morgan and myself are so intimate with this mythology, it’s directing with training wheels, in a sense, because you don’t have to go and subject yourself to the baptism by fire of another environment, another whole show, and another mythology. So, we’re very blessed, in that sense,” the actor told Collider in June.

Not much is known about the episodes they’ll be directing, but we have a little bit of info on “The Originals” Season 5. It seems the Mikaelsons have kept their word to stay apart for Hope’s sake for nearly 10 years. Hope is a teenager now (Danielle Rose Russell will replace Summer Fontana), and her mother Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) won’t be pining for Elijah.

Hayley is moving on, and a sexy Irish chef will be her new love interest. “Reign” alum Torannce Coombs will play Declan, who doesn’t have any idea that supernatural creatures exist. Considering his relationship with Hayley is heating up, he likely won’t be in the dark for long.

That doesn’t mean all hope is lost for Hayley and Elijah’s relationship. After all, what’s 10 years when you’re an immortal being? Executive producer Julie Plec told the audience at San Diego Comic-Con that there might still be hope for these two.

“I love Hayley and Elijah and I do hope they can find peace in eternity,” Plec said. “I don’t know how quickly that will be able to happen, but it’s not something that I take lightly.”

As usual, forces of evil will make romances difficult on “The Originals.” Several new vampires will come to town in Season 5, but Margot is the one who sounds most likely to cause trouble. As previously reported, she is a “calculating” vampire who has roots in 1920s Europe. She is super dedicated to her family, so let’s hope the Mikaelsons don’t end up feuding with another vicious vampire clan.

“The Originals” Season 5 will premiere in 2018 on The CW. An exact premiere date has yet to be announced.