Get ready to make the move to New Orleans. “The Originals” is set to premiere on the CW Oct. 3, and the first five episode titles have leaked online.

According to SpoilerTV, the first five episodes of “The Vampire Diaries” spinoff are:

Episode 1 -- “Always And Forever”

Episode 2 -- “House Of The Rising Son”

Episode 3 -- “Tangled Up In Blue”

Episode 4 -- “Interview With The Vampire”

Episode 5 -- “Sinner And Saints”

When “The Originals” premieres, fans of “The Vampire Diaries” might find part of episode one, “Always And Forever,” familiar. The episode was initially aired as a backdoor pilot during season four of “The Vampire Diaries,” but was reworked to be from Elijah’s perspective once “The Originals” was picked up.

“Always And Forever” will find Klaus, the original werewolf-vampire hybrid, returning to the French Quarter of New Orleans, a city his family helped build 300 years ago. Elijah follows his brother to the city where he learns that Hayley, a werewolf and one-night-stand of Klaus’, is pregnant. Unfortunately for Hayley, she’s fallen into the hands of the powerful witches of New Orleans -- who want Klaus’ cooperation in removing his protege, Marcel, from power.

“Klaus vows to reclaim what was once his -- the power, the city and his family,” teases the episode-one synopsis.

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