With the 87th Academy Awards just days away, take a look back at some of the best moments in Oscars history. Reuters

The annual Academy Awards were not always a lavish television event. When the Oscars first started in 1928, there was no TV and winners were announced ahead of the ceremony. The Oscars were largely a button-down affair held in L.A. hotel ballrooms, complete with a sit-down dinner. The showmanship and silly moments weren’t invited to such a formal event. But just as cinema has changed over the years, so did the awards before finally adapting for TV audiences. Now we can expect hours of song and dance numbers, a funny host, awkward presenters and nervous nominees.

Take a little trip down memory lane before the 87th Academy Awards to watch some of the best moments of years past:

Classic longtime host Bob Hope introduces Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers’ reunion at the 1967 Oscars.

Carol Channing has a hard time finding the nominees at the 1968 Oscars.

Barbra Streisand says “hello gorgeous” at the 1969 Oscars in a rare tie.

During the 1972 Academy Awards Charlie Chaplin was welcomed back to America after a 20-year exile.

Marlon Brando invites Sacheen Littlefeather to refuse “Godfather” Oscar on his behalf in 1973.

That time “Star Wars” invaded the 1978 Oscars.

Prince swept up an Oscar for “Purple Rain” in 1985.

Whoopi Goldberg’s 1991 win for “Ghost”: “You’re the people that made me want to be an actor.”

Robin Williams’ 1998 win for best supporting actor: “This might be the one time I’m speechless.”

Halle Berry’s emotional win at the 2002 Oscars: “This moment is so much bigger than me.”

And may I remind you that “It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp” won best original song in 2006?

And who can forget the selfie to end all selfies from last year?

You can watch more Oscars clips on the academy's YouTube page. Was there a favorite Oscar moment we missed? Let us know in the comments below!