• This flexible build can be adapted for a variety of different armor sets and either Freeze or Toxic effects
  • Players can replenish Minigun ammo with weapon and armor mods as well as the Grim Inventor set bonus
  • This build slows down the player's movement speed substantially

The Technomancer is the only class that’s able to wield heavy weapons in “Outriders,” and with a proper build, these guns can help players clear CT15 Expeditions without breaking a sweat.

Serving as the other half of the Tool of Destruction ability, the Minigun shines in spewing a constant rain of bullets. Unlike the Rocket Launcher’s high burst damage output, the Minigun forces players into a slow and steady playstyle that relies on non-stop shooting for both dealing and surviving damage.

Here’s how to make an unkillable Minigun Technomancer with unlimited bullets in “Outriders.”

Legendary Armor, Skills and Mods

Interestingly enough, the Minigun setup itself can be configured in a number of different ways, but for this build, the Legendary set of choice will be the Plague Sower for its additional damage resistance effect when Toxic is applied.

The goal of this build is to maximize the uptime on Minigun while being as tanky as possible. Use the Plague Sower Hands, Boots and any one of the remaining pieces to get the 3-piece bonus along with the Euthanizer and Enriched Anthrax mods.

Then, use any armor piece that has Anomaly Power, Status Power and Skills Life Leech together with the following mods:

  • Radical Therapy
  • Toxic Lead
  • Bang for your Buck
  • Massacre
  • Captain Hunter

Fill in the remaining mod slots with anything that boosts Anomaly Power or overall survivability like Critstack or Perseverance Shield.

Toxic Lead will refill the Minigun’s ammo every time a Toxic-afflicted enemy is killed, so make sure to have Blighted Turret up at all times. For the third skill slot, take an Ordnance skill like Scrapnel or Pain Launcher.

This build can be replaced with the Torrential Downpour set to further enhance Scrapnel or the recently-buffed Grim Inventor set for on-demand Minigun reloads.

Class Tree

Go down the Demolisher tree and take everything that increases damage as well as Techbond for the extra Anomaly Power.

Recommended Weapons

The Tool of Destruction skill scales off of Anomaly Power and not Firepower, so take any weapon mod that buffs the correct damage stat. The weapon choice itself doesn’t matter, but taking a Juggler or a one-shot rifle with Scrap Grenade can be very helpful in the event that the Minigun runs out of ammo.

The Fortress mod from Deathshield can provide a substantial damage reduction boost as well as 30% extra damage as long as the mod is fully stacked, which is something that the Minigun can easily do.

Grim Marrow, one of the Legendary weapons in Outriders
Grim Marrow, one of the Legendary weapons in Outriders Outriders

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