• Technomancer has access to stacking weapon and critical damage buffs
  • This build excels at rapidly eliminating single targets while also doing decent area damage
  • The build forces players to play very carefully due to the lack of defensive mods

Even after several patches, the Technomancer remains the king of single-target DPS among all of the classes in “Outriders.” While the Pyromancer and Trickster both have access to their respective anomaly round abilities, the Technomancer’s kit and legendary armor selection trump both in terms of pure damage output.

This CT15 Expedition build is designed for maximum weapon damage using Blighted Rounds and as many damage-stacking mods and perks as possible using the Technomancer’s unique legendaries and class tree nodes — perfect for players who love dealing boatloads of damage from afar.

Legendary Armor, Skills and Mods

The star of this build is the Borealis Monarch armor set, which grants a 90% damage bonus against frozen targets as well as a 10% Critical Hit damage for a short duration after using the Cold Snap ability.

Take the leg, glove and boot pieces from the set for the built-in Shatter, Freezing Boost and Sharp Eye mods, and make sure that the other armor pieces have Firepower and Long-Range Damage stats.

For other mods, consider the following:

  • Ice Component (Blighted Turret)
  • Frostbite
  • Bloodlust
  • Mitigation From Death
  • Toxic Lead
  • Critical Analysis
  • Radical Therapy/Euthanizer/Captain Hunter

These mods are focused on buffing the three main abilities for the build, namely Blighted Rounds, Cold Snap and Blighted Turret.

Use Blighted Turret to freeze enemies from a distance and Cold Snap to freeze those that get too close. Blighted Rounds will deal exponentially more damage to targets afflicted with both Freeze and Toxic statuses, and applying both shouldn’t be a problem with this setup.

Class Tree

Go down the Pestilence skill tree and take Grand Amplification, Assault Master, Empowering Antenna and all the nodes that increase weapon damage and armor piercing.

Take Two Sides of the Power when playing with groups and Blurscreen if survivability is an issue.

Recommended Weapons

Burst-fire assault rifles are great for this build thanks to their high damage output per trigger pull.

Since enemies will almost always be frozen, consider taking Wrath of Moloch from the Inferno Seed rifle as a main damaging mod and complement it either Amber Vault’s Killing Spree for maximum damage or Absolute Zero’s Ultimate Freezing Bullets for on-demand freeze application.

The Absolute Zero legendary assault rifle from Outriders
The Absolute Zero legendary assault rifle from Outriders Outriders