• The Reforged set gained an additional 25% damage bonus to its set passive
  • This build is great for applying debuffs, sustaining HP and dealing area-of-effect damage
  • The Acari set still overshadows every other Pyromancer armor set

One of the biggest buffs that the Pyromancer received from the “New Horizon” update of “Outriders” is a slight rework to the Reforged set, which now heavily leans toward Anomaly Power builds with both Thermal Bomb and Feed The Flames.

The armor set received a 25% bump to its set passive. It now grants 75% bonus damage to Thermal Bomb and Feed The Flames, opening it up for some explosive combos along with mods and weapons.

Here’s an updated “Outriders” Reforged set build for the Pyromancer that makes heavy use of both abilities.

Skills and Armor Setup

Since this is a Reforged set build, “Outriders” players will need three pieces of the armor set as well as both Feed The Flames and Thermal Bomb. The goal of this build is to prime enemies with Thermal Bomb before detonating them with a burst from Feed The Flames.

With this in mind, use the following mods to get the most out of these two abilities:

  • Branded
  • Double Fun
  • Fire Frenzy
  • Anomaly Hunger
  • Big Boom

Branded will make enemies affected by Thermal Bomb suffer an additional 40% damage from all sources, while Double Fun and Fire Frenzy will allow players to apply Thermal Bomb to up to four enemies at once.

The Cowl of the Reforged legendary armor piece from Outriders The Cowl of the Reforged legendary armor piece from Outriders Photo: Outriders

Anomaly Hunger will buff Feed The Flames’ damage based on the player’s Skill Leech value, so try to stack this stat to as high as possible for better damage.

For the third ability slot, take Heatwave with Burnt-Out for an extra damage debuff on targets. This can be swapped for Volcanic Rounds with Bullet Absorption for a hybrid build.

Prioritize Anomaly Power, Cooldown Reduction and Skill Leech on armor and weapon stats.

Class Tree

Take Anomaly Power and Cooldown nodes from the Tempest skill tree for maximum damage output.

The Phoenix Nestling node can act as a safety net and allow one more offensive mod in the overall armor setup. Meanwhile, the With Fire And Anomaly node will grant even more Anomaly Power after using Thermal Bomb, further boosting the damage of Feed The Flames.

Recommended Weapons

Any weapon with Scrap Grenade and Shadow Comet can act as a great damage filler for when abilities are on cooldown. Fortress is another excellent choice for boosting damage across the board while also providing some decent defensive stats.

A secondary weapon with Moaning Winds can be an excellent choice for fighting against tough enemies. Simply keep the weapon’s magazine empty then swap to it when facing a boss or an elite to immediately proc the mod. Don’t forget to swap back to the primary weapon immediately to avoid completely reloading the weapon.