• Tricksters can stack several damage multipliers to deal extreme amounts of damage to enemies
  • This build is good for quickly eliminating elites and bosses
  • This build somewhat struggles against crowds of enemies 

The Trickster has access to what might be the best mobility tool in the game in the form of Hunt The Prey, a short-mid ranged blink that can be used almost instantly. Normally, this skill is used to get in or out of sticky situations but with the right loadout, Hunt The Prey can be used to effectively multiply the damage players can deal by an insane amount.

For those who love teleporting between enemies in “Outriders,” here’s a fun Trickster build that has players zipping across combat encounters while one-shotting elites with well-placed critical shots.

Legendary Armor, Skills And Mods

The Ugake Otarah set will allow players to use spam Hunt The Prey on targets marked by Venator’s Knife, allowing for free teleports as long as the right target is selected. Take Twisted Rounds as the third ability to massively boost weapon damage.

Stack as much Firepower, Cooldown Reduction and Weapon Life Leech as possible and squeeze in the following mods into the armor pieces:

  • Instant Reload
  • Radiation Jump
  • Eager Edges
  • Twisted Fate
  • Strong Twist
  • Buckshot Shells
  • Captain Hunter
  • Bloodlust
  • Stare Into The Barrel
  • Any defensive mod

These mods will maximize damage output on the first (and hopefully only) shot on enemies hit with Venator’s Knife. As always, aim for the head to make the most use out of critical damage multipliers. Should the need arise, swap Eager Edges with Misery for the extended knife mark duration.

Class Tree

Take the top-tree Assassin nodes that increase shotgun damage, Close Range damage and magazine size. Disruptive Firepower and middle tree’s Outrider Executioner are essential for this build as both nodes will increase weapon damage after casting Venator’s Knife and Hunt The Prey.

The Assassin tree grants increased damage when attacking enemies from behind. Always try to take advantage of this as the total bonus backstab damage is too much to ignore. Hunt The Prey will always teleport players behind enemies, so try to capitalize on this as much as possible.

Recommended Weapons

Pump-action shotguns are the preferred weapons for this build because of their incredibly-high burst damage in close quarters. Technically, any shotgun will do but for the best results, try to get a shotgun with Dark Sacrifice and another Firepower booster like Killing Spree. For AoE damage options, try Ultimate Bone Shrapnel or Grand Opening.

The legendary Golem's Limb shotgun in Outriders The legendary Golem's Limb shotgun in Outriders. Photo: Outriders